The 10 most violent movies of 2012

It will be because we have many years in this vice, or because neither Revenge: Istanbul connection or Mercenaries 2 have managed to satisfy our hunger for hemoglobin. The fact is that, deprived of the hammer blows of Ryan Gosling in Drive, the butchery machinery Puzzle (Saw 3D) and rocanrol of Jose Coronado in No peace for the wicked , we thought we produce our report on the most violent movies to watch in 2012 was going to be difficult. Big mistake: as comprobaréis then the undercard of this year now ending has overflowed with carnage and slaughter, including traditional and shot at close range and brutality of survival along with other Eastern crude tortures that make pupa. Eye: selecting these films have not responded to its international launch dates, but those of their respective premieres in Spain.

The Yellow Sea 


Why has impacted us? A fan of Asian cinema reader pointed us in our list for 2011, we would do well putting cover when this atrocity of Na Hong-jin came to our country. For starters, The Yellow Sea plunges us to the neck in the reality of a marginalized community (the residents in northern China Koreans), then making us feel the consequences of this state of things at once, never better, of riotous violence. If the wanderings of the protagonist, one ludópata cabbie got to hitman, or mobsters who persecute you, do not stir the stomach, decent work chamber mixer will.



Why it has impacted us? They say that this film Pete Travis has raised much less than expected, and that its projected sequels have all the numbers never appear. A pity, because the film has not only managed to do justice to a legendary comic , but also make us forget (if possible) the lousy film starring Stallone. As sparing in words and rich in shots as its protagonist Karl Urban, Dredd presents plus the best use of 3D to making us feel the violence. Never before has the phrase “in your face” had much sense.

White Hell


Why has impacted us? Because it is Liam Neeson. And not only that: is Liam Neeson against a pack of gray wolves. You may, as noted earlier in this report, Revenge: Connecting Istanbul has left us cold, but the cold landscape presented by Joe Carnahan (often change, moving from Team a to this) he worked the paradoxical miracle of warm up veins with a story of survival and nibbles. “again, the fray / the last good fight in which I will fight / live and die on this day / live and die on this day … “ : if this poem made you the willies, you’ve seen the movie.

[REC] 3: Genesis


Why he has impacted us? Decidedly oriented satire and joke, satire zombie-owned and video cameras test us once again that the Spanish filmmakers, violence that best given is the daily and customs, as broncazo ladder of neighbors … or drunken relatives who assembled at a wedding. Although the lockers have been ported regularly with the film Paco Plaza, the director can rest easy: the picture of a  Leticia Dolera white, radiant and annihilating undead with us to the grave, and how theycombine romance and gore .

We have to talk about Kevin


Why has impacted us? In light of recent events, the story of this film (based on a novel by the author Lionel Shriver) seems even more painful, cruel … And unfortunately, more real. And we refer not only to juvenile psychopathy Ezra Miller,but also to the work of harassment and demolition with which an outraged community crushes poor Tilda Swinton, the mother of the little monster. When The advantages of being an outcast we present to Miller in a much more sympathetic role, will we be able to forget the fear that gives us here?

Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai


Why it has impacted us? It is clear that Takashi Miike is credited to our list of most violent films. If, last year, 13 murderers won a place in it based flood us with gallons of blood, this remake of the classic Masaki Kobayashi takes its place the 2012 edition much more subtle, but equally merits of sobrados. And we do not mean only one end of firecrackers, but also forced to crack some unfortunate guts warrior  with a bamboo sword. Does it hurt just reading it? For when you see the film, you have to run the Alka Seltzer.



Why has impacted us? If he who comes up : put to steal a valuable painting, the protagonist of this Norwegian film has to look at who belongs to a hardened mercenary in Iraq. And not only that, but that mercenary is Nicolaj Coster-Waldau, ie the Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones. Anything less brutal than other films of our report, Headhunters earns its place here for his way of showing two truths: not all intrigue films from the Nordic countries have to go in the wake of Millennium, or the influence of Quentin Tarantino must involve lack of imagination.

The Man with the Iron Fists


Why he has impacted us? “Embarrassment for the nigger to swindle another nigger”. Not what we say, they say the Wu-Tang Clan (the group director RZA)  in hip-hop great song that serves as a prologue to this film. And we can say that in its debut, the filmmaker has not cheated us. With a little help from friends Tarantino and Eli Roth, The Man with the Iron Fists is a tribute of the most enjoyable next most kaffir martial arts film, including amputations, decapitations, ropey sex and Russell Crowesplitting in two to one fat man with scissors. That do not miss anythin!

In the Land of Blood and Honey


Why it has impacted us? Clearly, ambientándose in the Balkan war, this film directed by Angelina Jolie would not be a festival of humor. But we can assure that, although his future behind the camera can be iffy, Mrs. Pitt was he willing to break all the records of the roll bad. And almost getting it, based on massacres of civilians, of characters (male) chauvinist and chauvinistic to the limit and, above all, a lot ofsexual violence. How Brad would stay after seeing the film?

Kill them softly


Why has impacted us probably after experiencing the adventures of his wife in Bosnia, Brad Pitt stood as stayed: eager to return to his old acquaintance Andrew Dominik (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford ) , get a murderer in the pay of the Mafia and bust heads wholesale accompanied by two experts on the subject as Ray Liotta (Goodfellas) and James Gandolfini, the unique and original Tony Soprano. what comes to be a movie gangster and send the fees, come on .



Why he has impacted us? As in our delivery 2011, booked the last place on our list for a film that instead of livers wholesale, reserve their energy for other more subtle forms of violence: emotional. And in hard comptición with Shame and Martha Marcy May Marlene, the film takes the cake in point is the work of Yorgos Lanthimos . From the director of the tremebunda Canino expected anything but the slide degradation and madness he reserved the star of this film (Aggeliki Papoulia) is, bluntly, chilling.

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