How many dog ​​breeds are there in the world?

It is not easy to know how many different breeds of dogs are in the world . The most official approach is the one given by the world canine Federation International Cynological Federation, which estimates that there are 343 different dog breeds on our planet. However, as it appears in the following lines, the scientists recognize that the number of dog races grows each year , and that could be greater. Even the world of illustration tries to know, through the work “Dogs of the World” , which has set out to draw and celebrate this diversity.

How many different dog breeds are there in the world? This question may not be as simple to answer as it sounds. The first difficulty arises when one traces the different national canine federations for a response and verifies that not all varieties of dogs are accepted as differentiated races in all associations.

However, when it comes to dog breeds , there is an international body recognized as a world reference institution in these gene issues: the International Cynological Federation . This entity states that there are a total of 343 Dog Breed Index on our planet and classifies them into ten groups .

  • Group 1. Shepherd dogs and cattle.
  • Group 2. Pinscher and schnauzer dogs. Molosoides (shepherds), mountain and Swiss cattle.
  • Group 3. Terriers.
  • Group 4. Teckels.
  • Group 5. Dogs type spitz and called primitive type.
  • Group 6. Hound dogs and trackers.
  • Group 7. Pointers and setters.
  • Group 8. Hunting dogs and water dogs.
  • Group 9. Company dogs and toys .
  • Group 10. Lebreles (like the greyhound).

In search of the dog breeds of the planet

So, the current number of officially recognized dog breeds is 343. However, only a year ago this figure was 339. “We can estimate the number of different breeds of dogs in the world, but we will always be accepting that Your real number is probably greater than we think, “warns researcher Stanley Coren of the University of Vancouver (Canada), one of the world’s greatest experts in dogs.

Science, however, is not the only one who has been interested in investigating the variety of dogs in the world .

Dogs of the World, in the brush

Renowned artist Lili Chin (illustrator of interesting dog defense projects, such as the yellow ribbon for dogs that need space ) tries to shed light on this doubt through her careful drawings.

Their project ” Dogs of the World ” is an approximation to the world of canine breeds from the illustration. “I started my series ‘Dogs of World’ while researching Asian dogs, including shiba, akita and chow chow . But once I finished this part of the world, I continued my research, and the project expanded to What today is ‘ Dogs of the World ‘, explains Chin.

This work continues to grow, and already has 200 illustrations of breeds of dogs classified in 21 regions of the planet. “This project wants to celebrate the visual diversity of the dogs of the world and, although I do not know if I can finish to illustrate all the races that exist, I have been in charge of contrasting the information of these drawings to be correct,” says the illustrator Canine, who shares his life with Boogie, a nice boston terrier adopted with a single blue eye.

These are some of the illustrations that reflect the work ” Dogs of the World “.


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