Choosing a kitchen faucet

The kitchen faucet is one of the most important elements that we must consider when we make a reform, because, by the sink faucets is one of the most used parts of the kitchen. To give you an idea: a kitchen faucet is opened at least 15 times a day. Therefore, we must be very careful in your choice.

There are enough types of kitchen faucets, to adapt fully to the needs and spaces each.

What we consider to choose a kitchen faucet?

Location placement

  • On the counter: it depends on where you have the water intake sink. Currently this is the most common type of tap.
  • On the wall: with this model you’ll gain more counter space, consider how far they are hydrants.Previously used a lot, but it is becoming obsolete.
This is a nice example of single lever faucet Three wall.11

The size sink

  • Sinks to flush small: is best to choose a kitchen faucet with low spout, this way we will win a lot more space and will never be a hindrance.
  • For large sinks: we recommend using removable taps, you can easily reach all corners of the sink.They are also very useful long pipe taps.

Type opening

  • Single – hole: they are taps with two openings, one for hot water and one for cold water. Although they can be a little more uncomfortable than the single lever there are beautiful models with a design magazine.
  • Monomando: you can regulate the water flow and temperature with a single command. Currently, this type of tap is the most common thanks to its good value. Such as the previous picture tap Three .

The type of pipe

  • High spout: with the largest water tube, as mentioned above, it is ideal for large sinks.
High spout faucet Tras11
  • Removable spout: very practical, will allow you to reach all corners of the sink.
  • Horizontal pipe: very useful if you have a window over the sink.
  • Cano swing: this type of tap is also very useful when there is a window above the sink or cabinet, as we told you in this post of the reform of A & J.
After folding tap11
  • I spout reversed: for taps installed on thewall and a window at the top. It is very comfortable because the window can be opened easily.

Another element to decide is if you want your tap you filter the water or not, if you decide on a faucet filter, you have very good options in Brita or Grohe without having to give up a design that fits your needs.

White also offers this alternative, with this brand, you will find a faucet with 2 outputs, in a’ll have running water and the other omotitzada water.

Filters water faucet Grohe11

And of course, we must also take into account the design and price to suit your tastes full and your pocket. We recommend that you take a look at  Trass ,  Three ,  Paffoni  or  White  You will find very good options!

Do not you decide on one? Any doubts about what I choose faucet? any doubt about what I tap used in interiors Renova we can help you do that.


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