Alternatives to wedding photographer

No photographer for your wedding? Opt for the photobooth

This is THE most fashionable way currently to make the photos to immortalize the wedding day! Much less expensive than a professional wedding photographer , the photobooth also leaves the imagination more free. It is a scenery planted in nature most often. We take a picture with funny accessories like false mustaches, hats or parasols. This solution allows you to infinitely multiply decors and places to take pictures! In an industrial style for the most ingenious or more simply under a tree, bring a sofa a little original and a decor painted or made with posters glued. Then, have fun!

Instead of a wedding photographer, rent a photo booth!

You do not have a budget large enough to bring in a wedding photographer ? Or just want more originality? Rent a wedding photo booth sydney! It can be personalized in the colors of your wedding and you can rent it on time! Your guests will love to slip into the cabin to create fun and fun photomatons! And the must is that just 15 seconds later they will leave with the photo board! You can then shoot unlimited photos to keep a memory of the inventiveness of your guests. It is a beautiful truly trendy souvenir that will perfectly replace the wedding photographer .

Make a selfies contest to replace the wedding photographer

Selfies have taken place in our everyday life so why not run a self-help contest so that your guests can show their imagination! Simply put at the shelves or ask the guests to take a picture with their smartphone during the wine of honor. Then you get the photos you can watch at the end of the evening in order to award the best selfie! You can even reward it for a trophy you have made. You are assured of mad laughter. Again, it’s less expensive than a professional wedding photographer and you can imagine many original wedding photos !

Transform your guests into wedding photographers

No wedding photographer ? Place disposable cameras or if you have a little more ways, opt for polaroid. You will have photos imagined by your guests and as you can not be everywhere during the evening, you will be able to discover fun moments and cheerful frimousses to participate in your wedding! Well, the risk is also not to have a lot of good quality photos. This solution is only a complement to another way of putting your wedding picture.

Call on a friend to be your wedding photographer

If you know a passionate photo friend, you can very well suggest that you place yourself behind the camera and take photographs of the important moments of that day as a  wedding photographer . Inexpensive solution, but again your friend may not be there all day if he wants to take part in the party with you! To choose if you can not opt for a professional wedding photographer


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