Alternative Humidifiers for allergies

The relationship between allergies and moisture is not a linear or simple relationship; however, there may be some useful information on the safe levels of humidity and healthy use of the different types of humidifiers . As shown in the graph below, the level of more favorable humidity preventing allergies is in the immediate vicinity of 50% (usually indicated the range of 40-60% as security).


As can be seen, both fungi and mites thrive in an excessively humid environment, while allergic rhinitis is more likely in dry environments; hence, when looking for a humidifier, very convenient to choose one with humidistat built , able to regulate the level of humidity.

Moreover, the proper use of the different types of humidifiers is a determining factor of how they will affect our health. There are several types of humidifiers depending on the technology used, but among them, two are the most widespread: the humidifiers boiled water , the safest sanitary (boiled water ensures elimination of bacteria, fungi …) and also known as warm mist humidifiers , and humidifiers ultrasonic or cool mist humidifiers which spray water to guarantee a deeper hydration but do not prevent the spread of pathogens in the water tank.¬†Because of this, the ultrasonic models Boneco air-o-swiss from ultrasonic humidifier U200 incorporate ISS technology silver ions to eliminate pathogens and from ultrasonic humidifier U7147 , a system of pre-boiled water (warm steam) for greater health. These technologies allow us to avoid the laborious maintenance in his absence, we should make for a healthy use of humidifiers ultrasounds: either clean the water tank every two days to disinfect or always use distilled water in such devices.

Finally, it should be noted that only the purifiers humidifiers from CPAP Machines are able to eliminate allergenic suspended particles, such as pollen.


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