What You Can Do To Reduce Violence


PAINTING:Detail, The Great Wave, by Hokusai

Twelve Ways You Might Help Include:

Root Causes

  1. Think about and become familiar with the root causes of violent behaviour;

  2. Study and gain Knowledge of the root causes of violent behaviour;

  3. Communicate and Spread your Knowledge of these root causes to individuals and organisations, worldwide;

Effective Prevention and Cure

  1. Help us to identify effective programmes which prevent or cure violent behaviour;

  2. Become familiar and focus on what we already know about effective prevention and cure;

  3. Spread and communicate Knowledge of these programmes and their principles, worldwide;

The Economic case for Prevention

  1. Add to our Knowledge base, the economic case for devoting more resources to prevention;

  2. Spread Knowledge of this economic argument, worldwide International Network to end Violence;

  3. As an organisation, join us in forming an international network dedicated to creating a world of peace, or as an individual, join WAVE;


  1. Contribute to us financially;

Personal Contribution, Local Groups

  1. Let us know of your specific knowledge and skills (e.g. speaking, writing, fund raising, working with victims or perpetrators of violence, organising conferences, writing papers, helping develop our network of local groups);

  2. Help form local WAVE groups, dedicated to reducing violence through effective prevention and cure, worldwide.

Root Causes, Alternatives, and Solutions


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