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Violence Within Ourselves


Violence within ourselves:

The negative thinking patterns we engage in which defeat ourselves are sometimes so ingrained in us, we know of no other way to think. Some of us were filled with so much hatred and intolerance by our parents that we inherited their hatreds as our own. Some of us are filled with anger, with constantly reoccurring negative emotions, resulting in violent outward behaviour. And there are some of us, who, in the heat of passion, inflict harm on others, blindly raging against our very own selves, lashing out with all our strength to wound, to injure, to murder, and to kill.

And there are countless subtle forms violence toward oneself takes within the human mind. From self-doubt and loss of self-esteem to emotional insecurity, fear and all kinds of neuroses. Such subtle forms of violence toward the self can result in everything from over-eating to bulimia, and from self-loathing to suicide. Violence toward the self happens when there is a loss of clarity, when life deals its blows to people who do not have the means to handle it, to people who may not have the support systems necessary to work out the dramas and traumas of life. There is no end to all the subtle forms that violence takes within our human minds.

Fortunately there exists techniques to illumine the mind, whether they take form in a spiritual quest for inner understanding, or in a psychological investigation into the nature of the mind, whether through intellectual pursuits which is result in a greater clarity, through philosophical investigation, through the creation of works of art, through competitive sports in a sportsmanlike spirit, through the win-win concept in business arrangements and through a greater global awakening to Humanity. There is one fact in back of all treatment to healing the mind of self-negation. And that is POSITIVE THINKING, positive-mindedness, constructive thinking, creative thinking, rising to a greater awareness of one self, and the world around us, and finally an awakening to a broader consciousness within ourselves and our presence in time and space.

We all have the right to choose how we think, and thus how we live. The world is filled with ample systems, methodologies, educational services, literature and organisations, societies and religions to serve individuals who are attracted to certain teachings.

What matters only is the quality of our thinking and the depth of our feelings. How we get there is less important than what we become when we become conscious people. We are sentient Human Beings, and the ultimate purpose to life is to realise our fullest potential, to rise to our highest purpose. It does not mean we have to engage in extraordinary pursuits which is the province of the exceptionally gifted or the geniuses. No, it means that no matter where we find ourselves in life, that we give our all and everything to our lives, to our work, to our relationships, to our love. Whether we believe in God, or we believe in Atheism, does not matter in the scheme of things. What matters is that we become good persons. That we be honest with ourselves and everyone. That we serve others with our hearts, that we care, that we have compassion for others. That we be of help, that we volunteer, that we give, that we work for a better life and for a better world.

Alternatives To Violence

  • Begin with ourselves.

  • Take stock of our own inner feelings.

  • Watch WHAT we think and HOW we think.

  • Change our thinking, if necessary, to change negative behavioural characteristics.

  • Become more conscious of what we think, say and how we act.

  • Engage in discussion and debate instead of dissension and argument.

  • Make a commitment to ourselves to transform old thinking patterns which result in negative behaviour and tendencies toward violence - into new and fresh thinking patterns, replacing old ideas and emotions with new ones, reaffirming the positive aspects of your nature, our selves, our personality and our outward behaviour.

  • Seek counsel with deep seated problems and personal issues which seem impossible or difficult to work out on our own.

  • Resolve to not have "our buttons pushed" and to not push other people's "buttons".

  • View fewer films and television shows where violence is at the centre of the story line.

  • Listen to more classical music.

  • Read literature and poetry. Go to museums, study the fine arts. Go to classical and pops concerts more often.

  • Discuss matters which you deeply believe in with others.

  • Enrich our minds further. Go to meetings of interest.

  • Go beyond ourselves in your own thinking. Think of other people first, and see things from the other person's point of view as much as possible. Draw the line of violence at a heated discussion. Never let our tempers flare, but use reason and coolness to iron things out.

  • When negative issues cannot be reconciled, then ponder them from a safe and secure distance. Avoid making decisions which will negatively impact others until we have had a thorough chance to think it over.

  • Never raise our hand in violence toward anyone except in self-defence, or coming to the aid of another person who is being victimised.

  • In confrontations which seem to threaten impending violence, cool things down and/or walk away from it.

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