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 "Teaching Peace"

How to Raise Children to Live in Harmony,

Without Fear, Without Prejudice, Without Violence


Jan Arnow


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Suppose we wanted to design a training program in which

the primary objective was to prepare children to hate by the

time they entered kindergarten. What would that program

be like? It might be one in which:



When I lecture and conduct workshops for teachers, parents,

corporations and community leaders throughout the country,

I often begin with this exercise. After citing the statistics,

I then ask, "What's wrong with this picture?" Of course,

the answer is that these statistics are all appallingly current,

and such a program to teach children to hate, designed

around these very elements, already exists. We live it

each day, in every part of this country, at every socioeconomic

level. And yet we wonder why our children have grown

so violent and so prepared to hate.


It has been said that inherent in one conflict is the beginning

of another. Studies have shown that if children learn that

violence, conflict and hatred are the prevailing option, these

behaviors become normal to them and they are more than

likely to perpetuate them into their adult lives. To me, this

is a frightening reality. It means that no matter how much

effort and resources we pour into ending neighborhood and

world conflicts today, there are several generations waiting

in the wings to begin further conflicts tomorrow, generations

of children who are already trained and more than willing,

and in many cases eager, to participate.


I am not satisfied with this vision of the future. As an

educator, a concerned citizen and mother of three, I have

written this book for others who may also be apprehensive

about tomorrow.


The views that I express and the suggestions that I make

have grown out of several basic premises that I hold:



The problems discussed in "Teaching Peace" have taken

generations to attain the position they hold in our lives today.

They will not be eliminated, or even addressed sufficiently,

in a sound bite. In fact, we may never see in our lifetimes

the results that we want . But that is not a reason to put off

addressing the issues in positive ways. It is in this spirit

that I welcome each of you to the pages of this book. I

offer it to you in acknowledgement of our similarities,

our differences, and the common bond we have in believing

that children, all children, deserve a peaceful future.


NOTE: The text above is from the recent book, Teaching Peace: How to Raise Children to Live in Harmony -- Without Fear, Without Prejudice, Without Violence_ by Jan Arnow (Perigee/Berkley, © 1995 Jan Arnow, ISBN #0-399-52155-0, $12.00). In each chapter there are additional charts, quotes and sidebar sections that have not been uploaded. If you are interested in seeing these additions, please contact the author directly (email: jarnow@iglou.com); (snail mail: 2025 Maryland Avenue, Louisville, KY, 40205); (telephone: 502-454-0607); or buy the book! 

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