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Flapping Cheeks Landed Safely

By Martine Collumbien

Dearest friends,

Well, I did it, I jumped on the most stunning crisp winter day from high (just under 12,000 feet) in the marvellous blue sky. It was such a perfect day! We were four making the expedition to the airfield near Brackley, and quite a few parachutists were already there. When it was finally my turn, I got into the jumpsuit with 3 jumpers, thermal underwear, thick tights and 2 pairs of trousers on top of each other. In a small plane that carried 5 people, I took place in between the legs of my instructor and got strapped onto him, another tandem couple next to us, and the camera squeezed in front of me. The instructors are such wonderful professional people, joking and comforting the whole time, distracting you from any lingering fear. There is no door in the little plane so we had a nice view from that big hole we were going to jump from. It took 20-30 minutes to reach the height we needed, and at the time of the jump everything went very fast. There just was no time to get scared. The other tandem couple shoved up to the hole and disappeared from it, then we did, while the camera man was half hanging out of the plane. He jumped, and we immediately followed, no time to think and so we fell. After a few seconds the camera man was in front of me taking pictures of me with Geoff on my back. It was amazing, 35 seconds of free fall, sensory overload, and at the same time I am doing what I am told, I smile. My cheeks are folding themselves in all kinds of unattractive folds I discovered later on the video, showing that I have 3 times more skin in my face than I need to have (ie. I probably need a facelift). Then, when the chute opened I was pulled up and all at once the camera man was gone, he fell to about 2,000 feet so that he could be ready to video our most elegant landing. The time the parachute was open was amazing, the noise of 120 mph stops and we proceed more slowly to the gournd. For me there were a few too many swirls and spins though. As a result I got really dizzy, and a few minutes after the landing, my motion sickness really got to me, and was throwing up soon after that. I felt really nauseous for over an hour. Before we got in the plane Geoff had told me I only had 2 worries: that this was the start of an expensive hobby and that I will want to marry him and have his children by the time we hit the ground. Both worries were unfounded in retrospect. The nausea makes it unlikely I will make it into a hobby (although I would jump again), and I do not want to marry Geoff, since he went off with another one as soon as we hit the ground!

I really want to express my thanks and gratitude for your generous gift in support of WAVE. It did and does really mean a lot to me. Thanks to you, I have raised more than £1500, a very empowering and abundant experienced in itself. I hope you will have the opportunity to see the video one day. It is hysterically funny, those cheeks, it shows on the pictures as well.


Sample Announcement of Website

World-wide Alternatives to ViolencE

Croydon, Surrey, UK

Contact: George Hosking

Tel: +44 (0)20 8688 3773

Press Release

FOR RELEASE: DATE: 5:00 pm, March. 1, 1998, London

FOR RELEASE: DATE: 9:00 am, March 1, 1998, Los Angeles


Worldwide Alternatives for ViolencE, Acronym W.A.V.E. announces the publication of its Internet Website simultaneously in London and Los Angeles. George Hosking, the Founder of W.A.V.E. inaugurates a new era in Website management through the publication of a major Internet presence dedicated to articulating the root causes of violence in the world, and the alternatives and solutions to violence.

This extensive website encompasses more than 500 pages, including a Database, Links, a Search engine and Index, where members of the public and Internet community can research the data WAVE has accumulated. Interested parties in the world community are invited to share their resources and help expand the WAVE database.

The WAVE site is free of commercials and may be found at the following address: http:wwwave.org.

The public is encouraged to interact with the WAVE website and forward recommendations and input via email and online services. World Wide Alternatives for ViolencE recognizes that violence is found throughout all levels of human relations and civilizations. In an effort to identify the root causes, WAVE is publishing the Internet's most comprehensive site devoted to these important issues.

World Wide Alternatives to Violence seeks to network with other organisations and individuals working toward reducing and eventually eliminating violence in the world. All E-mail may be directed to: wave@wave.org.


Root Causes, Alternatives, and Solutions to Violence 


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