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WAVE GOALS for 1998

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What is WAVE?   Who We Are

1998 Plan of Action for WAVE:

Proposed December 9, 1997


To create a world without violence, where everyone acts with respect for all others

Mission Statement:

To build an international network dedicated to understanding the root causes of violence, to sharing information, to finding and promoting effective practical solutions, and to direct action, through education, to create a world of peace.


    1. Use the internet to locate and collect information concerning root causes of violence. This information should be shared with members via whatever means possible.
    2. . Develop and maintain a bibliography of relevant literature and media.
    3. . With the participation of interested members, publish at least one WAVE document on the root causes of violence. 

    1. Maintain systematic, periodic communications with members and other interested individuals, groups and organizations.
    2. Create a first-class comprehensive web site and publicize it.

    1. Members of WAVE should identify and understand the violence within ourselves, and identify alternative actions and appropriate responses.
    2. Actively reach out to potentially interested individuals and organizations and invite them to join us in working to achieve WAVE's mission.
    3. Collect information on the economic argument for prevention of violence, as well as on measures that effectively prevent violence, and share this data.
    4. Develop and maintain a resource bank of programs and activities which have proven to be effective in prevention of violence.
    5. When possible, local groups should be established in communities.
    6. Publish a newsletter regularly. The newsletter should be available both through e-mail or postal services.
    7. Members should be encouraged to take action within their communities to prevent or reduce violence, and they should be supported and their efforts recognized by WAVE, when possible.

    1. Maintain WAVE as a sustainable and stable organisational framework with the necessary administrative and policy materials.
    2. Create a database of members from which we can send e-mails and maintain communication.
    3. Establish a system of sound financial management.
    4. Investigate potential sources of stable funding for WAVE and its activities, with help and suggestions from trustees, advisors, and members.
    5. Plan and organize a 1999 international conference of experts on root causes of violence.

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What is WAVE? - Who We Are

Root Causes, Alternatives, and Solutions to Violence



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