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1998 Message to WAVE

How exciting to be a part of this wonderful movement of individuals and organisations committed to the creation of a world in which every child is loved, and every individual is treated with respect. Where child cruelty, domestic violence, emotional damage and sexual abuse are all things of the past. An unrealistic dream? Perhaps - but only if we think so. We create this world out of what each of us decides is acceptable and normal, what we are prepared to live with, what we are prepared to turn a blind eye to, what we are prepared to do nothing about.

When enough of us say: "an end to feudal rulers", "an end to slavery", "an end to colonial rule", "an end to racial intolerance", "an end to cholera", "an end to cureless cancer" or "an end to child cruelty and domestic violence" or "an end to war", then the power of individuals and groups of individuals – truly committed to a worthy cause – becomes unstoppable.

You can be an interested spectator in this process. Or you can be part of the unstoppable tide, the WAVE of individuals committed to a steady reduction in levels of violence of every form throughout this world. For me, especially, the violence to children, the cruelty to children, which blot and stain the whole subsequent lives of those who suffer it, which bring anguish and pain, physical and emotional, ruining life's joy and beauty and quality for subsequent decades and – all too often – leading to yet further millions who turn from being victims to being the next sad generation of angry perpetrators. It need not be this way; not if you decide to take a stand and be part of the shift in the way our world evolves, towards becoming a world without violence.

Join us, give us your support, give as little or as much of your time and energy as you feel able. Millions of tiny commitments mean a great deal. Thousands of mighty commitments will mean even more. Only you can judge what is right for you. You are welcome to join this exhilarating, rewarding, unstoppable, worldwide WAVE.

George Hosking


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