WAVE - Worldwide Alternatives to ViolencE

to Other Organisations

Assault Prevention Information Network

Violence in Society

Domestic Peace Links

Behind Closed Doors

The Domestic Violence Project Safe House

Directory of Women's Organisations

The Women's Empower Program

Minnesota Higher Education Center Against Violence and Abuse

Web Links on Violence

Child Abuse in Missouri

Committee for Children

Child Abuse Prevention Network

Children and War

Children and Sexual Exploitation

Civitas Child Trauma Programs

The Cooperation Extension's System

Children, Youth, and Family Services Program

The National Network for Child Care

Incest Survivors Resource Network International

The National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse

Child Welfare Partnership, Oregon State University

The Survivor's Voice

AABL: Advocates for Abused and Battered Lesbians

Allison's Page on Domestic Violence in Lesbian Relationships

AVC: Anti-Violence Council

Diane's Delightful Digital Digs

Gay and Lesbian Domestic Violence Bibliography

LAMBDA Services Anti-Violence Project

Life on BRIAN'S BEAT: Gay & Lesbian DV Resources

National Domestic Violence Hotline

New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project

SAFE: Stop Abuse For Everyone

The Second Closet: Domestic Violence in Lesbian and Gay Relationships - A Western Australian Perspective

W.O.M.A.N. Inc: Women Organized to Make Abuse Nonexistent, Inc.

National Center for the Study of Coroporal Punishment and Alternatives

Organization: Children's Aid Society Teens (CAST)

Raising Children to Prevent Violence

Kids Campaigns: Issue - Crime and Violence:

Some Things You Should Know About Media Violence and Media Literacy

Some Things You Should Know About the Effects of Violence on Children

PAVNET (Partners Against Violence Network)

Youth Violence: Prevention Through Education

Family Violence: Prevention

RAND report on the prevention of youth violence:

Helping Your Child Learn Responsible Behavior

How to Teach Your Chldren Discipline

Convention on the Rights of the Child

Justice for Juveniles

Children’s Defense Fund

The Nonviolence Web

Nonviolence links

Organisation Mondiale Contre la Torture

The California Wellness Foundation Violence Prevention Initiative

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (U.S.)

International Peace Academy

International Peace Academy Links

Let’s Stop Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

Christian Peacemaker Teams

Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence

An Overview of Violence in America

Wisconsin Clearinghouse Links on Violence
(Gangs, Child Abuse, Family Violence)

Violence Prevention Media Initiative

Advocacy: AVP Germany


Root Causes, Alternatives, and Solutions to Violence 


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