Web: book review: "No Safe Place: violence against women and children"

"No Safe Place: Violence Against Women &

Children", edited by Connie Guberman & Margie Wolf. The publisher is

Women's Press, Toronto. I recommend it.


It covers a wide range of violence against women and kids - child battery,

spousal assault, rape, kiddie sexual assault, sexual harassment and violent

pornography. The book is analytical, goes into the causes of violence in

a reasonably thorough way. It suffers - since it was written by women's

right activists - of being somewhat strident in language and also



In the forward the statement is made that violence against women is

typical, not rare, behavior and in the chapter on DV states that about 10%

of women are battered. Ten percent is appalling but it does not make

violence typical. Notwithstanding these blemishes - after all, even

Shakespeare was not perfect - it is certainly a useful book.


The chapter entitled "Wife Assault" is especially good since it gives an

historical perspective of woman as chattel property and how she became the

"subordinate" member of the family. There is also a useful discussion on

the causes of DV. The chapter on sexual harassment, while good, is also

confusing as the author gets bogged down in definitional issues - often a

problem in essays on SH. The chapter on rape is also to be recommended.


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