Canadian Statistics on Violence against Women

Statistics Canada produced a few years ago some of the best data available

world-wide on the various forms of assault against women, through a

strictly controlled but empathetic telephone survey of a very large number

of respondents. These results have been published and discussed, notably

by Mary P. Koss in a recent paper.


The title of the StatsCan report is The

Violence Against Women Survey, November 1993, Catalogue Number 85-0?2,

Ottawa: Ministry of Industry, Science & Technology. To access specific

data from this (on sexual assault), get in touch with Ms. Karen Mithorean,

in Ottawa, at (613) 951-2064. To access the Mary P. Koss article analyzing

this data, look up "The Measurement of Rape Victimization in Crime

Surveys" in _CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND BEHAVIOUR_, Vol. 23, No. 1, March 1996,

pp. 55-69.


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