It is possible to wipe out 98% of the violence in our culture, in

10 years, with even just the few methods in "Ending Violent Crime",

shared earlier. All it would take is enough people.


When I look at problems, I "chunk up" to core solutions. M. Scott

Peck wrote an entire book, "Civility", on respect.


Respect is the center of the circle of community. Violence is a

learned behavior. The base of that instruction is disrespect. I

saw a news article on TV last night; a shield used to shock prison

inmates with 50,000 volts. That's my culture, all reaction and no



Once respect is taught, then there is "feeding interest", i.e.

finding out what fascinations people have, then feeding them as

possible. ALL community networking is "bridgebuilding", connecting

interest with resource. People pursuing their fascinations have

little time for violence.


We cannot expect governments to initiate effective anti-violence

programs [or, in their positive counterpart, community-enhancing

programs], because governments are mostly based on force, and

violence. Thus, there is no reason to feel resentment about their

lack of interest. You might as well expect a granite cliff to form

itself spontaneously into apartments.


The job will be done by people in local communities, who gradually

model the benefit of being in a healthy community, similar to that

described in "Journey to the Ancestral Self", by Tamarack Song, and

"Return to Creation", by Manitonquat.


I put these ideas out at every opportunity, everywhere I am. I

market them addictively, in whatever frame people will accept them

in. Yesterday, I reached 20 people at once, in a meeting my boss

required me to attend. However hopeless it may appear, it is still

possible for one person to make a difference.


Last year, Smithsonian mag had an article on community development.

In reviewing Banana Kelly, the Bronx neighborhood where Colin

Powell grew up, it noted that ALL significant community development

begins with one person. Not even Margaret Mead's small group, ONE

PERSON. It crystallizes from there.


Consider the violence you do your community, by imagining yourself

as anything less than totally powerful when aligned with your

mission in life.


It CAN be done, and we can have fun doing it. Indeed, we must have

fun doing it; Manitonquat notes that the creator put fun on the

earth, to mark out correct solutions.


So let's ask the core question: How can we have more fun attracting

people into their fascinations, away from violent behavior?


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