A debate on diet and violence (2)


1) The detention center studies are interesting, but not described in

sufficient detail to draw any conclusions about their generalizability or

what controls were used.


2) Some of the statements are intriguing. For instance, the USA is

"...89th among nations in death rate.". One would think that the lower a

nation scored in 'death rate', the better. Unfortunately, I am unable to

determine upon what the comparison is based, or what it indicates. "Cancer

is the number one cause of disease-related death among children." In my

opinion, that is probably due in great measure to the control of previous

childhood killers, such as gastroenteritis.


3) The briefly mentioned link between eating disorders and addictive

behavior is recognized in the literature on addiction, as is the

development of cravings in deficiency in the literature on learning.

However, the implication that a deficiency will induce a craving for a

substance that has no effect on the deficiency, other than through the

route of learned gustatory cues, has very little support.


It is unfortunate that the relationship between diet and behavior is one

that seems to be more promoted than seriously researched.


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