Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 07:41:16 -0800


Subject: child prisoner


>>> A 12-year old Black girl (11 at the time of the trial) was sentenced

>>> to a 25 year prison term in Texas for the death of a baby (or child)

>>> in her care. Unlike the au pair case apparently there was no publicity

>>> about it. I heard about it on NPR. Through NPR I learned that the

>>> girl's name is Lacreesha Murray. The trial may have been in Austin,

>>> Texas. She is in a prison 300 miles from Austin. She can receive

>>> cards and letters, but no gifts. Don't have the address.


>>> Have just left a message at an organization that is working on the

>>> case--marches, etc. Their message says she was wrongfully accused.

>>> That telephone number is 512-707-3743. I'll pass along any info that

>>> I get.


>>Jean Jones is a new CERJ participant in Washington, DC.


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