Don Brazier - Money for California Prisons


>>> It is the saddest commentary of our time to discover that California

spends more money in the criminal justice system than it does on



There is only one way to build a just society. That it to build equity,

farness and non-violent resolution of disputes into all our social

structures - education, family, business, judicial process, social

services etc.. You cannot do what California has done and think society's

problems will go away by building more penitentiaries. You cannot do away

with the institutions and services that can help overcome society's

problems without creating more social unrest and more instances of violent

behavior. The fact that CA - or anywhere else for that matter - *needs*

more prisons should be a real cause for alarm. But the solution is, in

fact, not to build them but to put our resources into activities that help

reduce the crime rate, such existed in CA, pre-Reagan. The attitudes now

prevalent that we should reduce social services and hire more police

officers is ultimately self-defeating.


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