There is a choice to be made in all things.


After watching the movie "fat man and little boy" I am thinking; there

must be a choice to kill or not. Not just the dropping of the bombs, nor

their creation, but the war and all wars. Who decides? So many things

way, odds to concider... how does one decide to end the life of another?

I would like to form a country which refuses to war. I would like to form

a country based on equality and acceptance. We'd probably get invaded.


At this point I always reach an impasse. I have some good questions but

the answers, aren't. The answers are not simple, they aren't constant nor

or they applicable to anyone but the person who comes up with them. Too

many qualifiers and too many extenuating circumstances; there can not be

policy on murder. It is all up to the action: do, don't, wait, denounce,

promote, avert your eyes... Ideas are ephemeral, action is obtuse (built

from ideas) and the action defines the image.


So what do you do?


1. Recognize that our society is addicted.

2. Recognize that previous societies achieved precisely what you

dream of. "Journey to the Ancestral Self", by Tamarack Song, publ

Station Hill Press, and "Return to Creation", by Manitonquat, are 2

of several books that detail how indigenous communities achieved


3. Recognize that change occurs because people model a preferable


4. If you really feel there is any hope, pay attention to what

fascinates you. This will energize and focus your efforts.

5. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, and

continues, step by step by step by step. Mahatma Ghandi said you

must do whatever you must do, and not worry about the fruit.

6. Violence is a low level frequency among the spectra of

frequencies available to humans. Weapons are crystallized fear.

Marianne Williamson said some fascinating things about fear, in her

"A Return to Love".

7. Recognize that cooperation defines humans, and that competition

makes them stupid.

8. Pick small achievable goals, and achieve them. We can take

small slices off the beast, or we can celebrate small victories.

Anything else is gunning the engine in neutral.

9. Choice is powerful, as you say. So is asking questions.

Questions focus awareness, and get the mind working on solutions.

How can we have more fun working together to solve problems? One

of my favorite peace activities is a form of circle dance. Every

indigenous culture I've run across had one, in some form. It is a

great way to express community, and ground out kinesthetic energy

that might otherwise lead to violence. The creator had a vision of

people all over the world dancing and eating together, across

national, religious, cultural, and ethnic lines. His idea is

spreading [manual e-mailed on request].


Speaking as a veteran, most people in the military would gladly get

out to take a decent wage job as a civilian.


I'm working with a virtual university, which will have accredited

programs so that people in 3rd world countries, and even our own

inner cities, can get their degrees solving problems locally.

There is no reason to keep such education in the ivory tower, there

are more than enough problems to go around. Tuition is expected to

be 1/10 or less what a traditional college charges. I dreamed for

years of doing such a project, though I despaired of ever seeing it

happen, and was invited to join in based on certain energetic

e-mail I'd put out. If you get really focused on what fascinates

you, well, you get really aligned on mission, and things start

happening. If you really want to have some fun, pick 3 impossible

dream goals, and keep asking how those could be achieved. Only

problem with this exercise is that the goals in time turn out to be

achievable... and you have to come up with new impossible dream



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