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Root Causes, Alternatives, and Solutions




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Please Note the following information does not reflect group discussion or input. They are merely a starting point and reflect the views of PLW. Anything can be amended, introduced or eliminated. These pages ultimately will be a resource where both scientific, academic and practical solutions will be offered. Every WAVE member is invited to participate in contributing to the "Alternatives" and everything else which appears upon these pages.


Violence is wielded in many forms. It ranges from subtle, self-defeating sabotage all the way to the most heinous crimes perpetrated towards a whole group of people. Whether it is demonstrated as a beating of a child, or the bombing of a schoolbus, violence - the wounding, maiming, and killing of people - lies at the very foundation of contemporary life.

No one thinks that violence can be totally eliminated from the human condition, at least not for centuries; however violence can be reduced significantly through education and the raising of the standards of the world's culture. The impulses which provoke violence need to be wholly identified as we seek to uncover the root causes at every level that violence appears on Earth. We realise the world is made up of multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-religious groups of every kind and persuasion encompassing "The Family of Man".

The goals of WAVE are founded in articulating the root causes of violence and establishing effective measures to counteract it. There exist reasonable methods to deal with the impulse toward violence. Diplomacy is a good example when belligerent nations prepare for War. Counselling, Debate, Discussion, Encounter Groups are measures widely used throughout the world today as well. Education must be centred at the foundation of civilized societies which resolve the differences of citizens through peaceful measures. Beyond that, there exist crucial values in the nuclear family which do not permit violence as a viable alternative to any altercation. These must be strengthened throughout the world through public education and awareness programs.

Ultimately violence will be reduced when the nations of the world realise that Peace is the only option in the emerging world of the future. Therefore, ways must be promulgated that break through the status quo of age-old hatred for historical enemies. These forces continually give rise to terrorism, facts which appear in the world's news on practically a daily basis. When will the human mind come to peace within itself? When will humanity as a collective organization of nations, come to peace? Peace, a lasting peace. A peace with freedom and human rights. A peace where all people's may enjoy the bounty of the Earth.

In these pages may be found some of the answers. We invite your participation in the emerging process of finding the pathways to a non-violent world, at peace with itself.




1. Violence Within Ourselves

 2. Parenting and Violence

 3. Violence in Schools: By staff and by students

 4. Violence Against Children

 5. Violence By children

 6. Domestic Violence

 7. Violence Within the Workplace

 8. Violence caused by Racial Intolerance

 9. Violence caused by Religious Intolerance

10. Sexual violence

11. Violence against women

12. Economics of violence

13. War

14. Violence in Entertainment

15. Media accountability

16. Violence in literature

17. Legal, juducial and political roles in maintaining violence

18. Bullying

19. Violence in art

20. Music - What can it do?