Peace 2000

We, an international group independent of political, religious or ethnic

affiliations, have established the non-profit Association PEACE - 2000.

Our goal is to achieve a world-wide cease-fire, starting from the year 2000

at the latest . Just imagine, the next millennium in peace....

We are deeply concerned that violence and intolerance spreads unabated, and

that indifference towards the predicament of our fellow-humans is on the

increase. We wish to counter these developments by a world-wide campaign to

collect signatures in support of PEACE - 2000. For the first time in our

history, the next millennium should be a period of peace for all,

particularly those who have suffered or are suffering from the tyranny of violence.

By signing this petition, you join in this effort !


We are convinced that a clear expression of our wish to achieve a world-wide

cease-fire by a large part of world citizenry (we hope at least 1 Billion),

will move those responsible, including those presently in active war zones,

to institute effective measures to resolve conflicts without violence.

A world-wide cease-fire would be the first step towards cessation of wars !


We request you, children and adults, to sign this petition, and encourage

your family, your friends, colleagues and all those in your vicinity to

support our movement. This can be easily accomplished by further


of copies of this letter and the accompanying signatures-page to ALL whom

you know, so that WE can collect many more signatures. Only this way can we

gather the 1 Billion signatures that we aspire to collect! It must be a

snowball effect releasing an avalanche of goodwill world-wide!


The PEACE - 2000 movement was launched as a registered official


The Basle head office, in addition to concentrating on its local activity,

will co-ordinate the world-wide effort. We emphasise that the movement


to all participants and appeal to you therefore to further contribute to it,

with the assurance of whatever support you need from the head office.

To accomplish our ambitious goal we are dependent upon ACTIVE help in each

country of the world ! Please establish with your friends a local section

of our organisation so as to proceed with the collection of signatures in

your region and in your country. Your contribution and help will ensure


completed signatures-pages are not lost and will facilitate the mailing of

signatures-pages in batches rather than single sheets. We also request you

to write to your representatives of government so that they will also

associate themselves with our collective efforts - PEACE - 2000 - and

provide political and moral support.


We want to deliver the signatures' collection in its entirety to the


assembly of the United Nations within the time-span between the end of 1999

and mid 2000.


Our movement is just like the flame of a single candle; it could be


by the gentlest of breezes. But we will not allow that to happen ! With your

help and signature, you can keep this flame alive and thereby help spread

the illumination throughout the whole world. It depends entirely on us all.

Only in peaceful coexistence can we survive !


Charter members of PEACE - 2000


For additional information and additional languages (at the moment :


German, French, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Turkish, Vietnamese, Mandarin) see

our Internet homepage


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