Friends for a Non-Violent World

Friends for a Non-Violent World (FNVW) works with many lead facilitators

and co-facilitators for AVP. Some of our trainers may be responding

individually to this request for information about each trainer. As an

organization, we are not permitted to

divulge the information requested because of confidentiality issues within

the time constraints involved. Four days is not enough time for us to get

all of the information together on our 47 facilitators.


We will enclose within this e-mail the answers to the directory questions

as a group from FNVW. We will also present you with a list of our lead

facilitators and co-facilitators.


The following is our addition to the directory as a group:


Name (Last, First, Middle): Friends for a Non-Violent World

Favorite positive adjective(s): Peaceable, Joyous, Friendly

E-mail address (work):

Snailmail address (work): 1929 South 5th St., Minneapolis,

MN 55454-1274

Telephone number (work): (612) 321-9787

Fax number (work): (612) 321-9788

Occupation: Various

Local, state/province, and national affiliation: FNVW

AVP facilitation experience (temporal, geographic, prison/community):

temporal, geographic, extensive prison, community

Are you a Lead Trainer? (Y/N):

Workshops/year facilitated: approx. 12

Areas of particular strength in AVP facilitation:

In addition to facilitating, I serve AVP in the following ways:

I am willing to serve on the following committees at the

local/national/international level:

I can facilitate in the following languages:

I can provide hospitality for facilitators from other areas (Y/N): Yes

I am available to facilitate outside my area council (Y/N; explain) and to

do so can travel as far as: Doubtful

Other comments: None


Our lead facilitators and co-facilitators are as follows:


Lead Facilitators

John Andreozzi

Michael Bischoff

Nancy Helfrich

Rita Jamison

Arlene Lodahl

David Miller

Joann Perry



Al Bostleman

Karen Brazelton

Robert Coleman

Mervyn Curran

Jeremy Deel

Jean Fagerstrom-Spanish language

Harry Greenberg

Vic Grossman

Donna Gustafson

Mary Alice Harvey

Doug Helfrich

Jeff Hoelscher

Rebecca Janke

Susie Kanemitsu

Terry Kayser

Cheryl Lee

Dan Lundquist

Eileen Marie

Elaine Martin

Harriette Mathers

Bob Nechal

Kirsten Olsen

David Parker

Joseph Perry

Julie Peterson

Suzanne Riesman

Peter Rubbert

Jon Sebastian

Jon Shafer

Lucy Smith-Yiddish and Polish

Chris Solyntjes

Ed Souther

Steve St. Armour

Maggie Swanson

Sally Takala

Susan Wallen

Lynn Wolf

We also have a pool of inmate trainers.


We hope this will be enough information for the directory at this time.

Thank you for letting us know about the update in the directory.




Matt Stauffer

FNVW Staff Member


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