Day without Violence


The Peace Studies Association calls upon students, faculty and staff at

colleges and universities around the world to celebrate a "Day Without

Violence" on April 4, 1997.


The purpose of the event is


(1) to call attention to the desire by students and faculty everywhere for

peace and an end to violence;


(2) to promote the study of the processes of peace as a central aspect of

the educational and research agendas of the Academy;


(3) to focus on alternatives to violence such as conflict resolution,

nonviolent conflict, and the creation of social structures that cultivate

peace rather than war; and


(4) to cultivate communication among interested individuals on campuses

around the world.




The "International Day Without Violence" project is designed to encourage

events organized on campuses that would be appropriate to each specific

campus, such as:


* a campus-wide teach-in focusing on the above issues

* classroom discussions across the college or university conducted by

instructors who agree to participate

* the dissemination of information about peace studies as a field of


* making the university a violence-free, hate-free zone for the day

* celebrating alternatives to violence in creative ways (concerts, art

exhibits, etc.--whatever is locally appropriate)

* obtaining endorsements for the event from individuals, student and

faculty organizations, the president of your institution, etc.


If you are willing to devote time in your classes (even you are a faculty

member) or to organize a "Day Without Violence" event on your campus

please let us know. Although we are focusing on April 4, 1997, you may

choose another date if that one is inappropriate for you or your campus.

That day was chosen because it is the anniversary of the assassination of

Martin Luther King, Jr.


We will send a packet of information to you and keep you informed about

what is happening on other campuses. Unless you request otherwise, we

will also include your campus in press releases and reports about the








____ Yes, we would like to organize an event on our campus. Please send

information and an organizing packet.


____ I will devote time to discussing these issues in classes I teach on

April 4 or some appropriate day around that time.


____ I would like to participate in the PSA's effort to organize the event

internationally. Please include my name on the committee and keep me



____ We are interested, and would like to be kept informed, but are unable

to participate this time.


____ Enclosed is a tax-deductible contribution (make checks payable to The

Peace Studies Association) to underwrite costs of the project.








MailingAddress _____________________





__________________________ (office) ___________________________ (home)






Others whom we should contact about this project (please include names,

addresses, phone numbers, and email, if possible):































Please send this form to Les Kurtz,

Sociology Department, University of Texas, Austin TX 78712 USA, or by

email to


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