There is a choice to be made in all things.


After watching the movie "fat man and little boy" I am thinking; there

must be a choice to kill or not. Not just the dropping of the bombs, nor

their creation, but the war and all wars. Who decides? So many things

way, odds to concider... how does one decide to end the life of another?


Is it a moral question? Maybe. But who is to decide right from wrong, and

who decides who is to decide. It is all subjective, even if your morality

is faith driven; your faith is subjective - open to you own interpretation.

How can anyone pick up a gun, or a knife, or press that button which

irrevocably terminates a human being?


I guess it's not that difficult. It's all about equality, values, weighing

things against one another. I couldn't stand to kill a cow (at my present

position in life), but I eat well at the steakhouse. If presented with the

choice of starvation or that cow - there wouldn't be too much weight on the

cow's side of the scale.


Acceptable losses, greater good, the good of the many, projected losses...

has there ever been an acceptable end to one's life by human hands? Did

you know that Eskimo tribes, because survival is a struggle on the ice

plains, kill the members of their tribe who can no longer further the

tribe. The elders are prepared and have always accepted this practice. Is

that ok? It is to them.


I would like to form a country which refuses to war. I would like to form

a country based on equality and acceptance. We'd probably get invaded.


At this point I always reach an impasse. I have some good questions but

the answers, aren't. The answers are not simple, they aren't constant nor

or they applicable to anyone but the person who comes up with them. Too

many qualifiers and too many extenuating circumstances; there can not be

policy on murder. It is all up to the action: do, don't, wait, denounce,

promote, avert your eyes... Ideas are ephemeral, action is obtuse (built

from ideas) and the action defines the image.


So what do you do?