So What Do You Do?


"At this point I always reach an impasse. I have some good questions but

the answers, aren't. The answers are not simple, they aren't constant nor

or they applicable to anyone but the person who comes up with them. Too

many qualifiers and too many extenuating circumstances; there can not be

policy on murder. It is all up to the action: do, don't, wait, denounce,

promote, avert your eyes... Ideas are ephemeral, action is obtuse (built

from ideas) and the action defines the image.


So what do you do?"


So what do you do? When you cannot really change the world, you still believe

that you can change it in your own way for the better. Humanity simply has not

risen to a state of collective awareness where it has attained a universal

consciousness, thereby resolving its conflicts. We may choose to individually

change the world in a small way by constantly working to improve ourselves as

Human Beings, by becoming more conscious, more giving, serving, loving,

compassionate. We may dedicate our lives to the creation of things which

better the quality of life - through invention, science or art, or by

promulgating ideas of a visionary nature, advancing the human race to the next

level by the sheer magnitude of their power and importance.


We might be a teacher who is truly inspiring his or her students to realize

their full potential, or we might be a Ghandi, Einstein, Shakespeare, or

Beethoven who influenced untold millions of lives, or none, as the case may be.


The fact of the matter is that Humanity as a whole is, has always been, and

probably always will be, in a stage of evolution up the evolutionary ladder

from apeman to spaceman. We have never been a conscious race of human beings.

Yes, there have been isolated moments of high civilizations where we attained a

higher degree of learning and civility, but every one of those civilizations as

paid for through slavery, injustice and tyranny. Do we think today, even if we

have arrived to a higher purpose in life, that we do not purchase products that

are manufactured in third world countries through subsistence labor, enriching

the corporations, yet keeping workers just above poverty?


Injustice stalks the Earth each and every moment throughout Earth’s days.

Murder? As you say - to irrevocably terminate a human life - now that is

really reprehensible, it offends the very life of me, and yet I see it in

almost every film, and read it throughout literature. Yes, murder is the

ultimate deprivation of human rights and it has become the province of Man’s

power to wield it in gigantic forces through war. We can take a fine, upstart

human being, conscript them into a military machine, and in a few weeks, give

that person a weapon, and transform them from a peaceful person into a killer

who jumps for joy when killing the enemy.


Yes, we have created the concept of "enemy" and we de-humanize them to the

point of an animal deserving to die, die, die. Then we kill, kill, kill. And

we can high-five ourselves, whistling with joy. And yet, once that soldier has

returned to civilian life, we will place him or her in prison for murder and

make them a pariah. Yes, the very same individual. What a world we have been

born into - our territoriality, localism, nationalism, regionalism destroy our

very concept of humanity. Billions of people suffer in every way imaginable.

Ours is a world of suffering, even amongst the well-to-do who fear the loss of

security. Even amongst the wealthy nations whose citizens generally eat too

much, buy too much, hate too much, place themselves into unimaginable debt, and

bring diseases upon themselves, cancers, wretched mental health and

psychological diseases whose citizens worry themselves to death over what they

have wrought.


The people who inhabit Planet Earth, in the general course of their daily

lives, are unenlightened, and worse, small-minded, mean-spirited, petty,

selfish, envious, greedy, ugly-minded, often giving rise to dishonesty,

resulting in evil-thinking, and thus acts of evil such as stealing, raping,

terrorizing, murdering, serial-killing, warring, and engaging in unfathomed

bouts of genocide.


And yet, and yet, in this dichotomy, there exists individuals devoted to

selfless service, to positive thinking, affirmative "doing" in their daily

lives. The creative principle pulses through many who dream for a finer world,

who can envision a greater humanity, who put their principles to work for

positve change and transformation. People who are driven by good-will, who

believe in the innate goodness of humankind, in truth, in love as an unbeatable

power to transform the world from chaos into a world civilization devoted to

peace, to education, to the liberation of humanity from all forms of tyranny -

to a real and lasting freedom, a peace in the world based upon Truth, on

Universal Consciousness, on Love, Justice, and Enlightenment.


So we dream on for this better world, while surrounded by the unheard cry of

human wails screaming for liberation from their concept of the human

condition. We envision a loftier society, whilst made painfully aware of the

daily news and the power of the media to influence whole generations by

focusing on the negative aspects of the human condition, and in fact elevating

them to a de facto standard of excellence so that billions of dollars are made

through television, films, books, music, and videos. Now we live in a society

which purchases murder for shock value and buys wholesale the most unimaginable

horrors, de-sensitizing atrocities of the worst kind to abstractions while we

eat our dinners in front of television sets, or munching popcorn while people

are killed with even higher magnum forces that whole heads are blown out in

front of our eyes with blood spurting all over the screen as we hold hands with

our lovers, eating peanuts and candy. Then going home to make love with our

hot Saturday night dates after celebrating iniquity, violence, meyhem, and



What is our way through the morass of sensationalism, injustice, inequality,

and the criminalization of our societies?


The answer may be only found in our own spiritual growth, or own working to

attain a higher level of consciousness. The answers may be ultimately found in

what personal choices we make to improve our lives, and the lives of those

around us, our mates, our families, our friends, our neighbors, and the new

people coming into our lives. Ultimately we must live by our conscience and

our consciousness. We must discover for ourselves, our own ways to work for

the betterment of the world. We must clarify our own pathways to love, and

work to enlarge that love so that almost everyone we know is affected

profoundly by that love. We have to grow into greater beings, finer than we

ever were. We have to explode out of ourselves into magnificent human beings,

we have to attain Universality within our own lifetimes and give it back to the

Earth. We must amaze ourselves with our potential to rise in consciousness and

thus in action, resulting in deeds done for the good of ourselves, for all

those around us and our common, and ever present, fellow-sister Humanity.


Thank you Alan for your thoughtful question. I am most grateful for the

opportunity you have given me to respond.