The Power of Love


As a founding member of WAVE, I have read thousands of Email letters and essays

written by our members as well as outside contributors on the subject of

violence, its root causes and various ways to reduce violence in the world. As

an organization, WAVE is about to enter a new phase in its evolution through

the development of a World-Class Website where we, as an organization and

individual members, may proclaim to the local, national and international

community our purpose which is to help reduce and eliminate violence in the



Eventually, it is envisioned, this website will become an immense archive for

all information related to violence and non-violence, as well as being an

active force in the world, serving humanity to our greatest ability, and

carrying out our vision to reduce violence with the hopes it will be one day

eliminated from the Earth.


When we read about the recent bombing of a tourist bus at Luxor in Egypt, or

the bombings at the marketplace in Jerusalem, or the gassing of commuters in a

Tokyo subway, or the bombing at the World Trade Center. When we know about the

violence toward women that goes on every day in Africa with regards to female

circumcision, or the violence perpetrated by countries against each other, we

must realize that violence remains deep in the heart of the human condition.

At this stage of humanity’s evolution, we have not risen, as a race of human

beings, to the point of universal mutual respect for each other. In fact, as a

race of human beings, we continue to perpetrate acts of violence toward one

another every instant of each second throughout the day and night. Just

imagine how many acts of violence are going on each split second. No one knows

for sure, but what we do know is that violence in all forms numbers in the

millions every day.


To put it simply, when human beings in general, do not get what they desire,

they resort to violence, pure and simple. Whether as individuals, or as a

collective group consciousness. There is always a reason behind what causes

violence to occur. It could be related to poverty, jealousy, anger, rage, the

need for justice, insanity, the grab for wealth, revenge, frustration,

sexuality, and a host of other reasons. The results range from a negative

impulse from one to another, arguing, hitting, hurting, stealing, maiming,

raping, torturing, murdering, selective killing, warfare and genocide. The bad

news is that this is the short list. The good news is that not everybody

engages in it.


To me, it is clear that Education is the key to an educated and more

enlightened humanity. Although education does not guarantee non-violence, it

does foster it, and we may take refuge in the fact that a great majority of

people are not violent, whether due to their education, or their culture; it

remains heartening to know that violence is odious to the masses of people all

over the world. This knowledge is my refuge and hope. I believe very strongly

in the beauty of the human spirit and its eventual triumph over ignorance,

non-consciousness, violence and war.


It all begins with the present generation of the children being born into the

world. The ultimate answer to the reduction and elimination of violence

resides in the children, for we address our concerns to them. As they inherit

a violence world, they also will be given the keys to non-violence. As the

generations progress, it will ultimately be possible to substantially reduce

violence by such a huge factor, that it will not be the rule any longer, only

the exception.


However, violence in its subtle forms, is present even amongst folks who remain

outwardly non-violent, and it remains present, under the surface, often

brewing, or seething, waiting for an opportunity to argue, to hurt someone, to

inflict emotional pain and suffering. Even amongst ourselves as members of

WAVE, it is urgent that we look within our own selves, our hearts and souls,

deeply, even deeper than deeply, and search out whatever may be causing us to

act negatively to others, or to ourselves.


This is the crux of the matter. And the subject is Love, universal love, love

within our own selves and the way we open our hearts to others. It must begin

with ourselves. There are pathways to love within our own being. Whether we

choose it through spiritual or mental development is immaterial. What is

important is that we must first discover peace within our own hearts, and live

by that inner peace. From there, all of our outward expression takes the form

of loving acts. Giving, helping, assisting, sharing, letting go of our own

selfishness, and opening our selves to others, serving others is the key. If

we, as an organization, are going to serve humanity, than we must first, each

one of us, and that includes this writer, become conscious of our inner life,

and to share our love with others, to serve those people in our lives with all

the caring and passion we possess. In all our living, we must get

understanding, and from there we must open our hearts to compassion. We must

see all sides of a situation. Even in the most atrocious of violent acts, we

must ask ourselves, what caused that act to happen, how was that person, or

group, so warped, that they caused such unspeakable acts of violence.


We must all, in whatever way applies, become conscious of our ego as it goes

out into the world. The issue is not to become egoless, but to work upon our

own self-refinement, and to become aware how we influence others in our lives.

The common denominator here is to not allow our egos to negatively affect other

people. No matter how sophisticated and cultured we are, we most always

observe the golden rule and respect others no matter what their level of

education, culture, or sophistication. These are basic truths, and I do not

mean to tell anyone how to think, or live, what I am saying here is that we

must simply become conscious of ourselves, even to a greater degree than

before, take stock of ourselves, and improve whatever must be improved upon, so

that we can bring even a greater peace to our own lives. And thus a higher

awareness of Love at the root core of our being.


As we enter the world community through a powerful new website, all WAVE

members will want to rise to a global consciousness and to become acutely aware

of the humanity and the human condition in so many of its manifestations. As

it is said, "think globally, act locally". I submit, we must also "Think

locally, and act globally".