Michael Patterson' Commentary on the Power of Love

To put it simply, when human beings in general, do not get what they desire,

they resort to violence, pure and simple. Whether as individuals, or as a

collective group consciousness. There is always a reason behind what causes

violence to occur. It could be related to poverty, jealousy, anger, rage, the

---When they perceive there is no other route. Like the Br'er Rabbit

story, the cycle runs comparison, resentment at perceived

inequality, resistance, revenge.


To me, it is clear that Education is the key to an educated and more

enlightened humanity. Although education does not guarantee non-violence, it

does foster it, and we may take refuge in the fact that a great majority of

people are not violent, whether due to their education, or their culture; it

remains heartening to know that violence is odious to the masses of people all

over the world. This knowledge is my refuge and hope. I believe very strongly

in the beauty of the human spirit and its eventual triumph over ignorance,

non-consciousness, violence and war.

-----All motivation is emotional. Education is important, but when

you "sell" your ideas, you will have to appeal to the heart, more

than the head.


inflict emotional pain and suffering. Even amongst ourselves as members of

WAVE, it is urgent that we look within our own selves, our hearts and souls,

deeply, even deeper than deeply, and search out whatever may be causing us to

act negatively to others, or to ourselves.


This is the crux of the matter. And the subject is Love, universal love, love

within our own selves and the way we open our hearts to others. It must begin

with ourselves. There are pathways to love within our own being. Whether we

choose it through spiritual or mental development is immaterial. What is

important is that we must first discover peace within our own hearts, and live

by that inner peace. From there, all of our outward expression takes the form

of loving acts. Giving, helping, assisting, sharing, letting go of our own

-----Respect is the center of the circle of community. Then one

elicits and feeds interest.


As we enter the world community through a powerful new website, all WAVE

members will want to rise to a global consciousness and to become acutely aware

of the humanity and the human condition in so many of its manifestations. As

it is said, "think globally, act locally". I submit, we must also "Think

locally, and act globally".


I like what you have to say, Paul.


Now, how could you appeal to the heart more? If rational

persuasion worked, no-one would smoke. What "sound-bite" benefits

can we use to sell a healthy, violence-free, community?


People busily pursuing their goals are too busy for violence.

How could we create that? and, indeed, have FUN creating that?


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