"The Purple Ribbon Project (PRP) is a non-profit education and awareness

effort dedicated to reducing violence in our society, our communities, our

schools, and most importantly, our homes.


To become a part of this effort is VERY easy: go to a store, buy some

purple ribbon, tie it to your door, your car antenna, pin it to your lapel,

your shirt, your hat, your blouse, whatever. When friends or strangers ask

about the ribbon, tell them you are working to reduce violence in our

society, communities, homes, and schools. Tell them you are highlighting

the presence of violence in our lives and its effects on our society.

Congratulations! You are now an honored and esteemed member of the PRP!


Of course, it would be very helpful if you also became more educated about

violence before you wore your first purple ribbon. You can do that in

several ways: you could read the hundreds of psychological, medical,

economic, and sociological studies which document the prevelance, effects,

and costs of violence in our society, or you could write to the PRP and

receive two very brief pamphlets which detail some of the more pertanient

facts about violence in America (sorry international readers, we don't have

much in the way of international statistics). You are encouraged to freely

copy and distrute these pamphlets in your personal effort to reduce social

and domestic violence.


The PRP has an international following, entirely grass-roots, and we

solicit no money on the national level. We only ask for your time,

dedication, and willingness to learn about the profound and far reaching

effects of violence in our lives. We will happily send you information on

other groups who are also working to reduce social and domestic violence,

and encourage those who are interested in starting more complex local

fundraising and awareness efforts. Some local groups have allied themselves

with church, civic, or governmental organizations to raise money,

distribute flyers and ribbons, hold rallys, and raise awareness. You would

be encouraged to do whatever you felt was possible in your area.


The PRP was founded on some very basic principles which we ask those who

adopt the purple ribbon as a symbol to accept. If you can't support these

principles, that's o.k., but perhaps you would be better off in a different

anti-violence effort.




1.Violence is a cycle of learned behavior.


Violence in schools, communites, and the society is nearly always to

product of violence in homes. The most potent teacher of violence is not

the media (although we are against violence in the media), it is our

partners, parents, or loved ones who use physical or sexual violence

against others.


2.Violence flourishes as the result of social and personal tolerance of it.



If we speak out, if we seek assistance as victims of violence, if we shun

those who use violence against others, if we offer a safe refuge to other

victims of violence, we will inevitably affect the cycle of violence that

exists in our society. We have to stop being the silent majority and start

being the vocal majority. Most Americans (and most people around the

world!) are against the idea of violence in their lives. We only have to

join together and make our voices heard.


3.Violence will only be reduced if we enact change on the most basic level.



Federal, state, and even local laws are VERY helpful, but the most

significant and most successful effort to reduce violence in our lives will

be the actions we take on a personal level. If our friends, family members,

co-workers, and fellow worshipers can learn about violence to which they

may or may not contribute, and they change their behavior or encourage

others to change, you will have changed the world more surely than any law,

media presentation, or court case can do.


4.The PRP is not about ownership or power; it is about empowerment and



We believe in "let it go, and let it grow!" If you want to write to us,

GREAT! We'll keep a record of your efforts to share with others and

national media. If you want to work quietly in your own community, GREAT!

You'll hardly ever hear from us, and you'll never be asked for money on our

behalf. If you start your own local organization, please remember the

spirit in which the effort was started.




To write to the PRP you can e-mail us your snail mail name and address

(sorry, the flyers are not e-mail compatible) at: PurpleRP@aol.com




or snail mail us your name and address at:


The Purple Ribbon Project

6053 Mooretown Road

Williamsburg, VA 23185




or call or fax us your name and address at: (757) 220-9274


Peace, and good luck in your efforts!"

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