Violence No. 1 health issue for Chicago women (fwd)


CHICAGO, Feb. 20 (UPI) -- A study compiled by the Chicago

Department of Public Health shows domestic violence is the top health

problem for Chicago women.

The report suggests that domestic violence affects far more women

than breast cancer, sexually transmitted diseases or tuberculosis.

Public health officials said the study, released Wednesday,

represents the agency's first collection of data on the number of

domestic violence cases in the city.

Using Chicago Police Department data, health researchers counted

36, 628 incidents of domestic abuse in 1995 that were investigated by the

detective division's violent crimes unit.

The study listed gonorrhea as the No. 2 problem, affecting 7,374

women, followed by non-breast cancer, affecting 1,895 women; breast

cancer, affecting 1,773 women; AIDS, affecting 271 women; tuberculosis,

affecting 252 women, and syphillis, affecting 242 women.

The disease data came from 1994 and the cancer data from 1993.

Health researchers say the findings may help them identify

communities where domestic violence rates are high so the agency can

devote more resources to those areas.

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