Friends of PTAVE,

Once again I am asking you for your participation. The CORPORAL

PUNISHMENT EXEMPTION form has more participating physicians now than

when you last saw it, but still nowhere near enough. We cannot put it to

use until the list is impressive--one hundred names at least. Meanwhile,

a relatively small band of board-wielding 'educators' in 23 states are

busy battering small children in their pelvic areas and the bureaucrats

who oversee the schools continue, as in the past, to avert their eyes

and pretend no such thing is happening. By the end of this school year

the number of schoolchildren who will have been vicitmized will be about

500,000. Some will need medical attention; some, psychological

attention. Many will have had their educational careers sabatoged by

this early exposure to adult bullies who operate with impunity. So,

please let's get busy with this. Everybody reading this knows at least

one medical doctor practicing in the U.S. who will join the list.

Attached is a copy of the CORPORAL PUNISHMENT EXEMPTION form and a

solicitation letter which you can use as-is or modify. Thanks.



Jordan Riak, Exec. Dir.

Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education (PTAVE)

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