Some findings from A Justice Department Report on Violent Crimes:


** Husbands or boyfriends killed 26 percent of female murder victims,

whereas wives or girlfriends killed three percent of the male victims.


** 78 percent of all women crime victims in 1992-93 knew the offender, who

often was an intimate, a level far above that for male victims. The

statistics agency said 40 percent of the female victims indicated the crime

had been committed by an acquaintance, 29 percent by an intimate such as a

spouse or friend and nine percent by a relative.


** Only 23 percent of the female victims said the offender was a stranger,

but about half the male victims reported the crime had been committed by

someone they did not know.

** Women were also more likely to be injured by intimates than by

strangers, the report said, adding that those injured by a violent act more

often notified the police.


** Black, white and Hispanic female victims were attacked by intimates at

approximately the same rates, it said. But rates were much higher for women

with low family income compared with those whose income exceeded $50,000.


** The report did not explain why women were more likely to be attacked by

intimates but the findings were consistent with previous reports.


** Nearly 11 million violent crimes in 1994, with two female victims for

every three male victims. That compares with two female victims for every

four male victims 20 years ago.


** The report said the rate for men has been decreasing while the rate for

women generally held relatively steady from 1973 until 1990 but then



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