Conflict Resolution Program That Works: Highlights Of Current Project

BULLYPROOF allows young people to draw on their innate qualities of humor,

innocence, fearlessness, and more to enhance their security and ability to

stand up in the world. It is a fun and entertaining way of teaching young

people how to defuse threatening situations before they explode into



BULLYPROOF� is a puppet show for children and a play for teenagers.

Specifically, it is an acronym for the steps in effective conflict

resolution (see attached). It is also a song, an educational program and a

series of native shields. In phase 2, it will utilize a variety of

programs from crafts, arts, games, music and dance to toys, CD ROMS, the

internet, and email to link kids together and make learning fun.


BULLYPROOF� draws wisdom both from native roots and cutting edge

technologies of the future to give children a unique learning experience.

From making shields, masks & puppets to drumming, role-playing,

story-telling and performing, the kids have the time of their life. By

using all the senses, BULLYPROOF� balances left and right brain learning,

imprinting alternative solutions for ready access in potentially violent



"Months after the play, they were still talking about it in health classes

and social studies. Kids would still stop me in the halls and say: 'Hey,

that play had a good message. We're not into violence anymore.' Now, when

the students get into a situation that could turn ugly, the song lyrics pop

into their heads 'You gotta be BULLYPROOF!' So they try doing what

'Listening Lynx' and 'Fearless Fox' taught them. And it works!... In many,

many cases, Bullyproofing works... It ought to be in every school...--Ben

Zachary, Principal, Highland Park Jr. High, St. Paul, MN.


[....materials include an].. Internet access disk so kids can go to a

BULLYPROOF� chat site and

get tips from Picturing Porpoise, Respectful Raven and the other

characters on how to handle their conflicts.


* Ready links to web pages with a variety of activities, contests,

tips and a collection of illustrated True Tales of Victories over Violence



* Entertainment-quality simulations & interactive learning programs

featuring Edward James Olmos, Martin Sheen, Dennis Weaver, Jamie Farr, Mike

Farrell &/or other Hollywood Talent.


* Movie-making programs that allow the children to create their own

alternatives to television violence -- utilizing the BULLYPROOF� animal



As the youngsters collaborate & email-in, phone in or send in their

own-made movies, their videotapes of puppet shows, and favorite stories of

better ways than violence, they might soon get a response --


You are winners!

* Your winning entrees will all be featured on our Web page.

* The best of the winning entries will be cable-cast on our new

BULLYPROOF TV show (see next page)

* And one school district each month will win a personal visit from

the BULLYPROOF puppets and traveling TV crew described on the next page.<<


.... On the Road with the BULLYPROOF Puppets


Three brightly-colored RV's will roll into your town escorted by

bigger-than-life costumed BULLYPROOF� characters.

* RV#1 will be the on-the-road home of puppeteers & professional

mediators Paul Glickman & Susan Marcus. Paul doubles as the team's

computer animation specialist (broadcast on PBS and network TV).

* RV#2 will be the rolling residence of the multicultural story

telling team of Liz Mangual & Bob Kanegis AKA "Fearless Fox" & "BULLYPROOF

Bob." They will host the TV show, lead BULLYPROOF workshops for teachers

and children, and respond to children's email from on-the-road.

* RV#3 will be the TV studio of Chris Schueler, the award-winning

director of "Fences" and "News 101." Each month the 4 weekly TV shows will

be cablecast from a different city.

When "The Fun Team" comes to your town, here's what happens:

* Our advance man, Joe Carder, (formerly with Ferrante & Teicher),

will have everything lined up: schools, media interviews, public


* The RV's arrive with lots of hoopla and proceed to a school

auditorium where they perform the puppet show - complete with special

effects and dramatic sound.

* Following the show, the puppets field questions from the audience

like, "What can I do if my mom yells at me?" Listening Lynx might reply:

"Ever try to tell someone something but they don't seem to hear a word? So

you say it louder (gives example). Still nothing? Finally you yell like

this (laughter). Maybe, if you just let your mom know you're listening the

first time... Think you might try that?"

* Our team conducts a model workshop with children and training for

teachers to carry out the curriculum, and teach children to do their own

puppet shows and plays.

Meanwhile, the TTVV crew:

* Scouts locations. For example, in Philadelphia, the puppets might

visit the Liberty Bell & join Picturing Porpoise on an imaginary visit back

to the 1776 Continental Congress, where they'd have to resolve a raging

conflict to save the birth of the Constitution.

* Arranges guests with true stories, live or on tape. For example,

Steven Spielberg might tell how he, as a skinny kid, overcame a bully not

with fists but with film -- inviting him to play a hero in his home movie.

* Prepares the pre-recorded/animated parts of show and selects &

prepares kids to be in the live audience for the whole month the team is in


* Produces the show, with the kids singing songs, listening to the

stories & interacting with the Puppets.


As you can see, BULLYPROOF� has the potential to touch the lives of the

next generation of children. We think it could "take off" in the popular

culture, with kids buying the puppets and toys, singing the songs, watching

the shows, doing the activities, playing the games and experiencing a new

way of looking at the world. With your financial support, this potential

will become a reality. We'd love to share more of our vision with you and

have your input in shaping and enabling this program to pave the way for a

better tomorrow. - 5/12/97



The program intervenes to break the cycle of violence by empowering

children with life-skills in creative conflict engagement through this

innovative ten step program that spells BULLYPROOF:


* Be Brave enough to bust-out from the fighting trap. Violence's not

where the power's at. Do the unexpected, throw 'em a curve. Chill, use

your wits, show a new kinda nerve.

* Understand what makes the Bully tick. Your brain is better than a big

ol' stick. Figure what's going on inside: Fears and hopes 'n tears

that never dried.

* Listen with your heart as well as your ears. Behind loud anger hear

doubts and fears. When little things don't get heard, they build and

build 'til it gets absurd.

* Love the doer, if not the deed. Look for the good, the inner seed.

We're all born with

some kinda' genius, a deep-down soul free of meanness.

* Yes and no, boy and girl, Balance inside in a Ying Yang whirl.

Opportunity springs from crisis. Opposites: they energize us.


* Picture your own happy ending. Play a game of pretending. Everything

begins with a thought. Create a vision of the way things ought.

* Respect the person behind the bully mask. Self respect is the very

first task. We all need love and recognition. With power from above,

that's ammunition.

* Originate a win-win way, Don't make a loser or we'll all pay. Only if

you, I and the planet all win, Can the peace that comes be genuine.

* Oversee the chaotic fray: from a higher vision, a wiser way: Conquer

evil with good, falsehood with truth. Love is the power that's got

real tooth.

* Fearless, strong, closer to perfection, the true hero stands tall

without a weapon.

We know that fear attracts attack. Now our shield can turn it



In addition to the acronym, learning retention is further enhanced by

having an animal character associated with each letter:

BULLY: Bustout Bear, Understanding Unicorn, Listening Lynx, Loving Lion, &

Yin Yang Yak

PROOF: Picturing Porpoise, Respectful Raven, Originating Otter, Overseeing

Owl, & Fearless Fox



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