World Conference on Family Violence

September 8-11, 1998

New Delhi, India

Phone: (800) 720-6115

Web site:


The goal of the World Conference on Family Violence is to focus on

practical, sustainable solutions that can be implemented in different

cultures to stem the growing trend of family violence.


The World Conference on Family Violence will address the continuum of

violence by encompassing the interdependent relationships of child,

intimate partner, and elder.

Thousands of social workers, elected and government officials,

advocates, educators, religious leaders and legal and medical professionals

from around the world are expected to attend.


Conference attendees will exchange information about the long-term

implications of family violence. Most Conference work will focus on


and developing implementable alternatives to fear and violence in


Practitioners will exchange information on how to intervene in potentially


situations, and provide support

for families through courts, workplaces, social networks, schools,

churches, support groups, the health care system, and local government.


Intended Results


Provide each delegate with practical models of sustainable

solutions to family violence

Provide the resources for practitioners to combat the problem

within the cultural and contextual environment at home

Address the continuum of family violence in an interactive,

participatory environment

Provide the framework and development resources for future

implementation of regional and international exchanges


Paper proposal forms and instructions for registering are available on

the web site. Please contact them, not me for further information.


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