Project or Program: Ongoing Public Speaking


Description: Workshops, seminars, speeches, etc., including (but not

limited to) the following:

General and Introductory Issues

Resistance to Change and Compassion Fatigue: The Bane of


Valuing Diversity: Struggles and Solutions

From Cultural Diversity to Commonalities

Understanding Each Other: Developing Cross-Cultural


Race/Ethnic Relations and School Boards: Current Models and


Violence, Human Rights and Bias Issues

In the Line of Fire: Raising Kids in the 90's

The Needs of Children Living with Violence

It's a Matter of Race: Race Relations in the


Strategies to Reduce Racial Tensions

Creating an Anti-Bias Classroom

Beginnings: Primary Children as Peacemakers

Hate Crime and Your Community: Policies, Programs and


Your Choice: Crisis Management or Crisis Preparation

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Confronting Stereotypes

Parent Involvement Issues

Planning for Parent Participation in Schools for Young


Parents as Policy Makers: Challenges for Collaboration

Developing a Family-School Partnership in Every School

Special Techniques for Special Parents

Community Relations Issues

Marketing Multicultural Education and Gender Equity in the

Public Schools

Counseling Issues

Preparing Multicultural Counselors Through Knowledge and


Human Rights Concerns Among Counselors

Gender Equity: Counseling and Guidance

Curriculum/Education Issues

Legal Implications for School Desegregation

Developing Guidelines for Multicultural Education

Celebrating Diversity: Successful Classroom Strategies

Holiday Activities in the Multicultural Curriculum

Checking the Texts

Improving Minority Achievement in Math and Science

Infusing Multicultural Literature Into the Curriculum

Ethnic Images in American Popular Culture: The Perpetuation

of Myths

Multicultural Education Resource Centers: Finding the


Multicultural Education: A Review of Approaches

Helping Kids Learn Multicultural Concepts: Strategies for


Designing Materials for Effective Multicultural Education

Training Youth for Leadership in a Multicultural World

Transitions: Preparing Children for the Multicultural


Gender Issues

Sex Stereotyping and Bias: Their Origin and Effects

The Sexual Harassment Curriculum

Integrating Gender Equity Across the Curriculum

Gender-Fair Teaching Across the Curriculum

Sexual Harassment in the Schools

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution or Mediation? A Review of the


Resolving Conflict Creatively


Costs: $0 but time to prepare; my fees range from nothing to $3,000 day

plus expenses.


Status: Runs in spurts. In October I made four separate trips to various

parts of the States to run seminars, each of which venue will probably ask

me for more of my time next year. Some months there is nothing. This past

summer I loaded up 8 kids in a van (4 Americans, 4 Danes) and went to

Harlem and upstate New York to do workshops.


Current Challenges:

1. I have, for some time now, needed a lecture bureau or some other entity

to represent me. To get one to be interested in me, I need to make a video

of one of my presentations. Just need some time to get it together.

2. Video and satellite conferencing is the next wave (n.p.i.) to explore.


Pieces I Can Share with WAVE: Typically, my presentations are lively and

interactive. The downside of that is that they are always changing and are

not carved in stone, meaning that I don't have reams of materials I can

send out on each one. But I do have material on all of the above-listed

subjects and, given some time, can put together stuff to send out.


Any and all feedback is appreciated!


Jan Arnow, Director; Institute for Intercultural Understanding

1207 Summit Ave. Louisville KY 40204 USA

Phone and fax: +1 502 454 0607 email:


"Though I am different from you, we were born involved in one another."

T'ao Chien