"The War Against Children"


by Peter R. Breggin, M.D. and Ginger Ross Breggin


St. Martin's Press, 1994.

204 pgs., plus notes, bibliography, index.


Actually, this book isn't about sex-related violence directly.

Rather, it's about the psychopharmaceutical assault on children,

more specifically, "The Violence Initiative", which is the general

name given to the idea of "curing" problems of violence, very

much including rape, by lobotomizing, electroshocking, or

drugging offending parties or, more to the point here, allegedly

potentially offending parties.


"The Violence Initiative" is the name of a project that the

pharmaceutical companies have bludgeoned the government into

taking on.


The main point of "The Violence Initiative" is not really "after the

fact" 'curing' of violent people. Rather, the stated purpose of the

project is the attempt to prevent violence in the future, by

drugging this entire generation of children into a permanent

intellectual and emotional coma. Especially the best and the

brightest . . . the real troublemakers. It's quite a major scandal -

and a multi-billion dollar scandal at that, funded primarily by the

psychiatric establishment - led by Eli Lilly and the other major

drug companies. The larger psychopharmaceutical consortium

includes, of course, Hoffman La Roche, of Rhoponol fame.


The idea is, that racism, sexism, poverty, war, and so forth have

nothing whatsoever to do with the problems of violence in society.

At basis, no connection whatsoever. No no. No sir. Rape, war,

and other anti-human social problems are all caused by some

fundamentally inexplicable, weird, dark, "chemical imbalances"

in the brain. It's based on the medieval-like Freudian superstition

that we each pop out of the womb complete with a full

complement of monstrous ideational and emotional formations,

not to mention a full complement of elaborate death fantasies . . .

it's sort of like a satanic religion that these psychopharmaceutical

guys have cooked up . . .


According to the obviously fraudulent pseudo-"scientists" who

work for the large psychopharmaceutical companies, we can leave

all that racism, sexism, poverty, war and so on, in place just

peachy keen - no problem - why waste time trying to correct those

things. The real solution, they claim, is to simply drug up the

entire population starting at about age four, and all our problems

will be solved.


They claim that this way, they can stop the violent ones, but in

fact, their actual plan is to create a situation wherein, when we get

raped, discriminated against, exploited, our loved ones maimed or

massacred, or whatever, why, we just won't care. That's the real

point of "The Violence Initiative" drug program. Hardly a matter

of stopping "the violent ones" among us; rather a matter of

stopping the rebellious ones among us from putting an end to

corporate-generated violence.


It's all pretty crazy stuff it seems to me, but then again, these

zillionaire drug company types are not particularly well known for

either their integrity nor their intelligence nor their sanity.


Among many other things in the book, the Breggins point out that

there has never been found to be a single iota of scientific

evidence that anti-human violence originates with any internal

mechanism. On the contrary, all the science points towards anti-

human violence originates with human-decision-driven corrupt

social structures, that are entirely correctable through the ordinary

process of human decisions, large-scale and local.


Still and all, the pharmaceutical companies, several large ivy

league universities, a couple of "foundations", and their

government hostage organization, "The National Institute of

Mental" (NIMH), continue to spend untold millions hoping to

prove some scientific connection between internal human

structure, and anti-human behavior. They haven't found it, and,

of course, they aren't going to find it. Because it isn't there to be

found. And, in my opinion, they know it as well as I do. Anti-

human behavior type problems stem entirely from external social

structures, which are in turn created, maintained, or changed

through conscious decisions. And, of course, it is those very

decision/responsibility processes in each human, that these

infamous drugs are specifically designed to suppers!


It seems to me that if these very rich and successful drug company

madmen had had their way over the last few generations, based

upon school performance, the likes of Albert Einstein, Pablo

Piccaso, Janis Joplin, John Lennon, obviously myself, and

probably an awful lot of people on this mailing list, would have

found ourselves living out our lives in a comatic stupor. Anyway,

crackpotism falsely parading as 'science', generally equals the

major, social destruction, high and low.


Well, the Breggins are apparently the leading activists in the

nation in this field, heroic folks, lonely folks, fighting, often

successfully, the huge psychopharmaceutical consortium, and

attempting to expose the anti-children, anti-human, anti-social,

anti-artistic, anti-intellectual, anti-rebellious,

psychopharmaceutical scandal nationwide. This book seems like

it might be the most important book currently available in the

field. I found it highly readable. It's sort of a companion piece

for Louise Armstrong's "And They Call It Help", which exposes

the incarceration aspect of the psychiatric war against our nation's

adolescents, and which I mentioned in an earlier post.


Last note: My own idea about the relation between drug use and

the suppression of positive, progressive social movements, is

contained about halfway through a paper - Schema - that appears

at my web site. For those without access to the world wide web,

I've posted it in several Internet newsgroups. Check under the

subject "Psychosomatic Medicine" in talk.medicine.politics (6/22),

or "Classical Communism" in talk.politics.soviet (6/18), or

"Democrats Yes" in alt.dear.whitehouse (6/12), or

"The Never!!!BOMB!!!er Manifesto" in alt.journalism (6/20).

It's in "Part Two b: Schema (b). Search for "Alcohol Informs A

Person", which is where the section about drugs starts.



Neil R. Miller


Paradigm from California



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