Australian National Committee on Violence : E) Education Recommendations


This is the fifth of 6 e-mails which summarise the findings of the

Committee set up in 1990 to report on trends in violence in Australia, its

causes, and effective strategies for reducing violence. This document

summarises Recommendations for Education.




31. Education authorities should include conflict resolution strategies

as an integral part of school and other education curricula.


32. Teacher training institutions should incorporate materials relating

to non-violent conflict resolutions in their curricula.


33. Corporal punishment in all schools should be prohibited by law.


34. Education authorities should develop constructive, non-violent means

of social control to replace corporal punishment.


35. Programmes should be introduced into school curricula for

instructions in human relationships, including proper gender roles,

parenting responsibilities and child development.


36. Education authorities should produce materials to assist parents in

developing non-violent means of discipline.


37. Parent effectiveness programmes should be developed in conjunction

with organisations dealing with young children and their parents, to

promote non-aggressive strategies for both parents and children.


38. Training in the recognition of child abuse should be an integral part

of the teacher training curriculum.


39. All school students should be provided with information about what

constitutes abuse, the importance of telling someone when abuse occurs, and

appropriate individuals in whom they might confide.


40. School students should have access to courses in self-protection

which discuss issues of male and female socialisation..


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