Australian National Committee on Violence : D) Health Recommendations


1. The Australian National Committee on Violence made 138 specific

recommendations for the reduction of violence. These included:




5. Government should undertake a national multi-media public awareness

campaign conveying the message that violence is not acceptable.


9. Education for parenthood should be incorporated in hospitals as part

of classes associated with childbirth. Support services for all parents

should be available after the birth of a child.


10. Health authorities should co-operate in devising a pilot post-natal

screening and intervention programme for child abuse risk.


11. Effective parent management training programmes should be initiated to

control aggressive behaviour in children.


14. Health and welfare professionals should be trained in the recognition,

treatment, counselling and support of victims of violence, especially

domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.


17. Funding for community education programmes relating to domestic

violence, sexual assault and child abuse should be increased.


18. Preventative programmes such as counselling for violent men should be



21. A national campaign for the prevention of child abuse should be



22. A national research centre on child abuse should be established by the

Federal Government.


28. Each state should establish a free hotline for parents to call for

support and advice on dealing with children.


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