1. Norms of behaviour: In general the orientation within a culture helps

define the limits of tolerable behaviour. To the extent that a society

values violence, attaches prestige to violent conduct or defines violence

as normal or legitimate, the values of individuals within that society

will develop accordingly.


2. Worldwide, those countries with high income inequality have the highest

homicide rates.


3. The best predictor of future aggression is past aggressive behaviour.

Aggressive children tend to grow into aggressive adults.


4. Two personalitiy traits often associated with violence are lack of

empathy or regard for the feelings of others and inability to defer

gratification (control impulses).


5. Violent behaviour does not appear to be an inherited characteristic.


6, Television viewing may be associated with subsequent aggression in some

viewers. Research indicates the relationship in bi-directional: viewing

violence gives rise to aggression and aggression engenders violence



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