1. Australia today is less violent than it was before Federation, but more

violent than it was before the Second World War.


2. Homicide rates are low by international standards. They fell 1920 -

1940, since when they have been rising (last statistics 1985).


3. Non-fatal violence (assault, sexual assault and robbery) have increased

sharply since the early 1970s.


4. Violent offenders are primarily male, aged 18-30, blue collar.


5. Most homicides and assaults are committed by persons known to the



6. Infants up to age 1 are of the greatest risk of homicide.


7. The overwhelming majority (96%) of child victims are killed by their

parents or other relatives.


8. Homicide risk varies inversely with occupational status.


9. Alcohol plays a major role in violence in Australia.


10. A considerable number of violent crimes never come to police attention.

This includes the majority of sexual and domestic assaults.


11. Firearms are used in 40% of homicides.


12. The cost of violence to the community is in excess of A$500m per annum.


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