Australian National Committee on Violence :

A) Key Conclusion


The Committee was set up in 1990, under the guidance of the Australian

Institute of Criminology, by the Australian national and state

governments, to report on trends in violence in Australia, its causes, and

effective strategies for reducing violence.


This is the first of six e-mails which summarise its findings.



1. Families constitute the training ground for aggression. It is within

the Family that aggressive behaviours are first learned. To the extent

that Families fail to instil non-violent values in their children, those

children will be more likely to develop a repertoire of violent behaviours

as they negotiate life in society at large.


2. There are correlations between aggression in children and (a) maternal

rejection, b) parental use of physical punishment and threat.


3. Abusive parents themselves tend to have been abused or neglected as

children (but only a quarter of abused persons will, in turn, abuse their

own children).


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