Teaching Peace : How to Raise Children to Live in Harmony -- without Fear, without Prejudice, without Violence - Jan Arnow, Perigee, ISBN: 0-399 52155-0 $12.00 ($17.00 CAN)

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"This book, by one of WAVE's most active and energetic members, Jan Arnow, is an essential guide for American parents who want to encourage tolerance, respect and self-esteem, and discourage hatred and violence. It has a hands-on, down-to-earth approach that explains how to combat prejudice and prevent conflict while teaching children the kind of values that will help them lead fruitful lives."

America has always been perceived as the great melting pot. But today, with increased immigration, changing demographic patterns, and heightened awareness of diversity, Americans truly live in a global society.

For parents and teachers who want to encourage tolerance, respect, and self-esteem, and discourage hatred and violence, Jan Arnow's guide is an essential guide -- a hands on, down-to-earth approach that explains how to combat prejudice and prevent conflict while teaching children the kind of values that will help them live fruitful lives in today's changing world.

Included are discussions of: self-esteem, peer pressure, media images, stereotypes and practical solutions to putting a stop to hatred -- in the home, school, and community.

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Banished Knowledge - Facing Childhood Injuries - Alice Miller Paperback, Published 1991, ISBN Amazon Price: $10.36


Breaking Down the Wall of Silence - The Liberating Experience of FacingPainful Truth - Alice Miller / Paperback / Published 1997, ISBN, Amazon price: $9.56


Criminal Behaviour: A Psychological Approach to Explanation and Prevention - Hollin, C.R. (1992). Falmer Press, London and Bristol, PA., ISBN 1 85000 955 4

"An overview of contemporary theory and research on the topic of criminal behaviour. It covers what is known about the nature and extent of crime, and psychological theories to explain criminal behaviour. The book also explores crime prevention, emphasising the distinction between punishment and rehabilitation. The theoretical basis for each approach is discussed and respective effectiveness assessed."


Cycles of Child Maltreatment: Facts, Fallacies and Interventions - Buchanan, A. (1996), Wiley: Chichester.

ISBN 0 471 95889 1

"Although most families do not repeat the patterns of abuse in their childhood, there is evidence that substantial proportions do. This book examines the facts and fallacies in international literature and sociologist Ann Buchanan suggests that in inter-generational child maltreatment there may be not just one, but four separate cycles: sociopolitical, cultural, psychological and biological. Interventions need to be focused on each cycle independently to break the cycle of child abuse."


The Drama of the Gifted Child - The Search for the True Self - Alice Miller, Ruth Ward (Translator), Paperback / Published 1996, ISBN, Amazon Price $9.60


For Your Own Good : Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and the Roots of Violence - Alice Miller / Paperback / Published 1990, Amazon Price $9.60


Genetics of Criminal and Anti-Social Behaviour - Rutter, M. (Ed, 1996) Wiley: Chichester (Ciba Foundation Symposium 194) - ISBN 0 471 95719 4 - includes Rutter, M. (1996) Introduction: Concepts of Anti-Social Behaviour, of C ause and of Genetic Influences.

"There is now a growing body of empirical evidence on the contribution of genetic factors to individual differences in antisocial behaviour. In this symposium some of the newer evidence is considered, including evidence that genetic predisposition is triggered by particular life experiences." Introduction by Sir Michael Rutter, includes good reviews of specific US twin studies and Swedish and Danish adoption studies.


Intimate Violence in Families - Newbury - Gelles R.J. & Cornell C.P. (1990)Park: Sage ISBN 0 8039 3719 9

"People are more likely to be killed, physically assaulted, hit, beaten up, slapped or spanked in their own homes by other family members than anywhere else, or by anyone else, in our society....and all others across the world....one can only understand, explain, treat and prevent family violence by understanding the operation and function of the entire family system."


Thou Shalt Not Be Aware - Alice Miller / Paperback / Published 1991ISBN, Amazon Price: $11.16


Psychosocial Disorders in Young People - Time Trends and their Causes : Rutter M. and Smith D.J. (Eds, 1996) Wiley: Chichester. - ISBN 0 471 95054 8

An extremely comprehensive academic review of world research on violence, suicide, eating disorders, crime, depression, alcohol and drug abuse.

" The purposes of this study are to provide a detailed review of the scientific evidence on the question of whether psychosocial disorders in young people have become more, or less frequent in the last 50 years; to determine how explanations of cause may be tested; to elaborate possible explanations of cause and review them in the light of the evidence currently available; and to establish priorities for future research." Sir Michael Rutter contributes chapters as well as co-editing the book.


Rape of the Soul - The Life-Long Impact of Child Abuse and the Smoking Gun of Domestic Violence - H. Bruce Ewart, Ph.D.

A powerful self-help book and must reading forthe professional. Full of case histories, this book dramatically shows a clear linkbetween child abuse and domestic violence, as well as addictions. Patients have called it a life-saver, and colleagues have said it's "revolutionary".

Highly readable, this book demonstrates how child abuse creates a "false self"burdened with guilt (It's my fault), a "less-than" mentality, and guaranteed vulnerability to a life-time of abusive relationships ("I deserve no better"). Most importantly, this revolutionary work explains HOW TO GET FREE.

Written by H. Bruce Ewart, Ph.D., a survivor and a clinical professor of psychology with17 years of experience. For your pre-published manuscript copy, please send $24.95 to ACTS Group at the address above. Please add postage of $3 for priority mail or $1.75 for 4th class postage. Florida residents include sales tax.


Preventing Family Violence - Wiley, Browne, K. and Herbert, M. (1997).Chichester. ISBN 0 471 94140 9

"This book deals with the nature and causes of abuse within the family, with its prediction and assessment, and with methods for intervention and prevention. Reflecting research evidence of the cycle of violence and maltreatment, the book is organised as a progressive analysis of abuse of spouses, children, siblings, parents and family elders. The book is written for professionals requiring a research and evidence based guide to the problems of family violence and to the best practice in intervention."


Report of the Commission on Children and Violence - Gulbenkian Foundation (1995). London - ISBN 0 903319 75 6

"This study's objective is to research and summarise available knowledge of the extent of violence involving children, and why children become violent, and then to make recommendations for reducing all forms of violence involving children."


Straight and Devious Pathways from Childhood to Adulthood - Robins, L. and Rutter, M. (Eds, 1990). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge - ISBN 0 521 42739 8 - contains important chapters by Joan McCord; Patricia Cohen et al; Rutter, Quinton and Hill; and others.

"Robins and Rutter, the giants of long-term studies of children, have joined together to glean the latest findings on the pathways from child to adult psychiatric and behavioural disorders. They have been able to select from among the best work from leading authorities." American Journal of Psychiatry.


Violence - Our Deadly Epidemic and its Causes - Gilligan, J. M.D. (1996) Grosset/Putnam. New York., ISBN 0 399 13979 6

"James Gilligan has written a stunning book about violence. As a psychiatrist who has spent 25 years of his professional life treating men who committed murder....he offers a compelling psychoanalytic explanation of violence...and measures for prevention." (Dr. Judith Friedlander)


Root Causes, Alternatives, and Solutions to Violence



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