Phuong Van

Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about the objectives and

aspirations of WAVE. It is an honour to be able to associate with a group

of people who are so dedicated to the pursuit of a just and peaceful world.


I've written a few short lines below to introduce

myself and outline the reasons for my interest in this group.


First, my name is Phuong {the [Ph] is pronounced as an F.} I'm a financial

controller living in Sydney - Australia's largest city. My interest

relating to the focus of your group is the inherent difficulties in

addressing the many causes of violent behaviour. I must admit that my

understanding of this issue at the societal level is not great and this is

an area that I look forward very much to learning more from all of you in



What attracted me to this issue in the first place though is the concern

with the use of violence to settle international disputes - especially

after the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis when the world came so perilously close

to releasing the nuclear genie from the bottle. In that context, I'm

interested in exploring realistic solutions to the problems associated with

limiting the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the post-Cold

War era. In alliance with that is my interest in the potential roles that

multilateral forums such as APEC, the OSCE and the United Nations can play

in the promotion of regional and international comity.


It is not often that one gets to cross the path of people with an ideal

that is as noble as the one that you all share. Whilst the goal of

transforming the sounds of discord in our world into a beautiful symphony

of brother and sisterhood is one requiring great effort and unity of

purpose from all on this planet, you have helped to make that great

collective first step towards shining a new ray of hope on this world of

ours. One that I'm confident will, in the end, leave to our children and

their children's children a better world - a world where the strong are

just, the weak secure and the peace preserved.


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