Mary Hackett

Thanks so much for the background and information on this wonderful

movement you've begun. Our correspondence to this point has been somewhat

limited and I wanted to follow suit and introduce myself. I am a 33 year

old mother of three children, ages 20 months, 7, and 9. I hold BA degrees

in Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy and am working towards a masters in

Industrial Technology. I am currently in warranty and rental management

for a forklift dealership -how that goes with philosophy-I have yet to

figure out--:-) I am also currently involved in organizing a nonprofit

organization to educate custodial parents on issues of child support and

how to survive 'the court'.


I have seen my sister live her entire life in battering situations and

escaped one myself in my first marriage. I am a rape survivor and have

cried as some of my best friends lost their souls in violent marriages or

homes. I have watched the sleepy southern town I grew up in turn into a

refuge for Jamaican drug dealers and the streets be swallowed up by

vandalism and violence. When I was nine, we roamed the woods and fished

small ponds and mom called us home from a half mile away with a whistle she

wore around her neck. I cannot let my children ride their bikes through

our middle class neighborhood for fear of them being snatched or worse. I

cry when I think they can't experience the same kind of childhood freedoms

and pleasures that I knew. Perhaps I'm naive. Or idealistic.


I haven't years of experience to offer to this organization. I wish that I

did. I have only a very strong dedication to the belief that if I don't

<do> something, if i close my eyes and pretend that it's all going to go

away that I am as guilty of neglecting my kids as if I had left them on a

street corner. I have a responsibility as a parent and as a world citizen

to try to counteract this tidal wave of violence that threatens to engulf

my children's world. All children live in my kids' eyes. The innocence,

the trust, that we as adults will make it better and leave them a

worthwhile legacy. I also have a strong work ethic and staying power in

the face of <500> year projects.


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