Lynn Caulfield

My name is Lynne and My Husband's name is Michael. I

have a 13 year old son called Christian.


I can only give you my thoughts as a Mother on the

situation that one sees today in the World. I have never had any

experience of violence, nor has my Son but that doesn't mean I can't help

but worry about what I see even though it doesn't personally affect me.

That is wrong really because of course any thing that hurts other human

beings should affect you.


Reading your introductions it seems that lots of you

are professionally involved one way or another and it leaves me floundering

as to what I could possibly do. Only last night in Leeds where I live

there was rioting in a part of the City which is about 1 Mile away. The

whole reason for this kind of behaviour is frustration and also parental

lack of control as why were those kids out at 1.00 O'clock in the morning?

We also have the Euro '96 coming to Leeds and I for one am dreading it as I

am sure it will end in violence. I'm sure there has been enough written on

Football violence. One only has to look at the trouble-makers faces to see

the hate. How do you ever overcome that kind of mindless violence?


My son goes to an all Boys School and I purposely

chose this school as being the hopefully best in Leeds in my Area without

having to pay for his Education which I obviously couldn't afford. It is

also set in a Park away from any distractions apart from nature . So one

thought that did occur was writing to the Teachers at the school and asking

their opinions as they will be at the grass roots of some of the young boys

and if they make a study of their behaviour at these early days of their

growth. Maybe some of them would be interested enough to join WAVE.


I will leave this for now but just say it was good to

read so many letters from people who care and who like me want to help but

need a direction in which to be lead.


One last thought in Britain we have had Hunderford and

more recently Dunblane which both led to Gun Amnesties - PLEASE lets hope

we learn our lessons.


Children first!


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