Jochen Bettens-Gäng

I was born in 1960 and I am a real full-blood german. I started

studies in linguistics, but quitted to start a career as a software

developer. After quite a number of occupations I am now working as a system

engineer / analyst (which is pretty frustrating, because the atmosphere in

the industry is very agressive). Since we are parents, our values and views

of life have completely changed. Things I never thought of before are

really important now. One of these things is that I became one of these

really strange people who think that the media and the shock wave of

information is the main reason for the lack of moral and social values and

abilities. So I don't have a television and just read local papers and the

news in Pacific Forum.


Like Ingrid, I haven't been involved in politics. This changed a bit when I

became chairman of the parent's council in Rebecca's day care center. At

University, I read quite a lot of philosophical stuff which, when I review

it now, I completely misunderstood (another change of values).


I like music (contemporary "classical" music, Jazz and all the in-betweens)

and cooking and ... eating (these are *not* the only things I do...)


Thanks to George and WAVE, I feel as if I have to become active with WAVE

now, although like Ingrid I don't know what it could be and if it's going

to be enough for what I think is the adequate role for a group like WAVE in

world politics. WAVE is certainly a very important attempt to coordinate

the quest of making this world a little bit more peaceful and worth living

in. I'll try my best to help.


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