Jeff Brower

I am pleased to join your group. From the introductions it seems like a

very positive and worthwhile endeavor. Here's a bit about myself:


I was born in Newark, New Jersey, USA in 1952.


I lived a good middle-class family life in the suburbs of New York City. I

had one sister (now dead of Lou Gherig's Disease).


I attended university at Newark College of Engineering (now Newark

Institute of Technology).


After university I moved to Montréal, Québec, where I live now. I did not

wish to participate in an organized tour of Vietnam in 1974, so I left the

US before the arrival of an invitation from Uncle Sam.


I like Montréal, which I now consider to be my home.


I am an electrical engineer, specializing in computer networks. I work as

a consultant, helping people to make productive use of micro-computers. I

greatly enjoy this work. They are paying me to have fun with the Macs and

the PCs.


I have travelled extensively for pleasure, and enjoy the study of

languages. I speak the following languages:










I also speak a little Klingon (from Star Trek).


Speaking of Star Trek, I enjoy the show with a passion. I would love to

live in a world like the Earth of the 24th century, where humans and people

from other planets are all working together to find better ways to

communicate in order to solve their problems.


Note that in Star Trek the Next Generation problems were almost always

solved by finding a way to understand instead of blasting the other guy

with phasers. I would love to serve with Captain Picard...


I am married to a native Montréal woman, and have 1 child, a girl we

adopted in China. She is 3 years old, and a real joy.


I spend a lot of time on the Internet, communicating with people all over

the world. I think that the Internet will help us to understand each other

better, as it knows no borders.


WAVE is a wonderful initiative, and I look forward to exchanging thoughts

with the members in the future.


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