Dale Burrell

I am 23 years old (B'day 27/03/73). I am

currently a telecommunications engineer for NEC in the UK. I have been in

the UK for about 10 months now since coming here in Feb. 1996. Before

that I worked for an electronics company in my home town, Christchurch

New Zealand for about 2 years, and before that I studied electrical

engineering at university for 3 years.


As for my stance on violence, well I am a firm believer that anything can

be solved without using force. The biography of Gandhi is one of the most

inspiring books I have ever read and I think I agree with everything he



From my background, I was bullied quite a lot at school and as a result

became more of a academic type than a physical type. I was never

seriously hurt, but there was certain groups of people who I avoided like

the plague. Since then I have not really had much contact with violence,

well until I came to London anyway. Once I have seen a group of what I

would call kids, but whom are in fact far too street wise to be called

kids, since for me that implies a certain innocence, fighting each other

in the street using weapons such as chains, bottles etc. Just one

experience was quite a shock. It wasn't that I didn't know it didn't

happen, and it wasn't scary, it was just my view on life as being

miraculous, precious and deserving of respect is so far removed from

their view. I personally could not do such a thing, and am actually a

vegetarian, so my respect for life goes beyond human life.


In terms of kinds of violence, as an academic standpoint I believe that

no violence is necessary anywhere in life, so that includes bringing up

children (I was hit occasionally as a kid), wars, personal conflict

anything. However I'm not totally convinced that sometimes because the

world is not perfect, violence may achieve the desired goal. e.g. Nelson

Mandela started off with pure no violence then altered his view at some

point. But personally I like to believe that the principle of no violence

full stop can work and be effective, and I live consistant with that.


So I am very interested to participate in a group which is commited to

ending violence. At this point I have no ideas at all on how to to that,

but I am happy to participate at whatever level I can. I am also

extremely interested to see how the thoughts and words of this list

transform into actions which are going to alter the world.


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