Andrew Safer

To fellow violence-prevention folks on WAVE:

It's a bit daunting to sit down and introduce oneself in writing to an

international audience, even for a writer, so I'm going to try to keep this



My name is Andrew Safer. I'm soon to be 44, I'm a freelance

journalist/communications consultant, and I've been active in

violence-prevention work about six years ago. At that time, I joined a

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada community group called Men For Change, which

formed in response to the Montreal Massacre of December 6, 1989 when 14

women were murdered at a college in Montreal by a crazed gunman who hated



I could say alot about Men For Change's activities, but my main involvement

has been in the co-development of a violence-prevention curriculum, Healthy

Relationships. I developed this Grade 7 through 9 curriculum with two

teachers, in conjunction with a local school board, and we released it in

April, 1994. Since then, we have sold nearly 2,000 copies to schools, youth

centres, battered women's shelters, community education centres, and young

offender institutions primarily in Canada and the U.S., although there have

been a few orders from the UK as well.


What distinguishes Healthy Relationships is a strong gender analysis

(linking patriarchy and power and control dynamics to sexist attitudes and

violent behaviours), the context of "kid culture" that allows teens to feel

at home with the material, and solutions through the development of

critical-thinking and communication skills. If you are interested in

finding out more about Healthy Relationships, please visit our site at URL

http://fox.nstn.ca/~healthy. If you would like to receive a copy of our

latest newsletter, reviews, articles, etc., please e-mail me your name and

mailing address.


I subscribe to a US-based listserv: Pavnet (Partnerships Against Violence

Network News) and a heated discussion on domestic violence has just

awakened it from its two-year slumber.


By the way, I met Karyl Chastain Beal on Pavnet, and it was she who told me

about WAVE.


The reason I have gotten involved in curriculum development is, I realize I

have a limited amount of time to contribute to decreasing violence in

society, so I want to spend it where I think I can do the most good. It's

an investment in the next generation. I myself am more interested in taking

a long-term approach, which sows the seeds of basic sanity, which shows

kids to treat one another with respect, than in putting out brush fires

after assaults have occurred, or even just before they occur. I don't mean

to disparage the latter, because it is important and necessary work, and it

is being done by others-those who are working in the front lines of

battered women's shelters, police, the justice system, and the like. I

would welcome discussion from anyone on this list who would like to share

their approach toward working on sowing the seeds of non-violence for the

next generation.






Andrew Safer

Freelance Writer/Communications Consultant

1585 Barrington Street #109

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3J 1Z8

Phone: (902) 422-8476 Fax: (902) 425-1862

e-mail: healthy@fox.nstn.ca


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