5 Good questions about espresso machines

Users espresso machines are  not always clear how your coffee works or how toget the most out. Often the coffee are products of gifts or come to our house without our prior obtained information on its operation, and despite daily use we still have doubts about its basics.

Do not panic: ComprarMiCafetera.com comes to the rescue. In this post we will solve 5 of the most common questions users about espresso coffee machines are made. We started:

How the coffee used express?

To learn how the espresso coffee machines are used, one must first understand its operation. The espresso coffee or espresso (which in Italian means made instantly) are characterized by preparing espresso coffees in a few seconds faster than the coffee Italian or of drip .

To use an espresso coffee maker, you must place the ground coffee into the filter and that brings built for it. After pouring it into the filter, you must press it in perspective. If too pressing, the coffee will come out too thick. If it is too loose, the coffee will come out a little watery. In addition, the ideal pressure for your coffee depend on the degree of grinding that this has. The filter, where the filter is, usually has a distinctive arm protruding from the coffee. Turning to the right or left can fit or tighten the filter in the coffeemaker. An espresso coffee maker takes just a few seconds to prepare espressos. When you’re done, you can use the vaporizer tube including many espresso machines to heat the milk and create a dense layer of foam on your coffee.


The espresso coffee machines  have no filter nor holder, so you can not control many aspects of the preparation as in the espresso coffee manual . In return, they often bring a built -in grinder that lets you enjoy freshly ground coffee, instead of having to use one ground beforehand. The  espresso coffee machines  are much easier to handle than the manual, since often enough to press a button to start the coffee pot and complete the whole process.

If you want to learn how to prepare a perfect espresso and know how the espresso coffee are used, you can start by reviewing this highly educational video. Bonka advertising has to end, but hey, we forgive him because the truth is that the video is closed and is helpful for those who are beginning in this world of espresso machines🙂

What coffee using the espresso machines?

The espresso machines used coffee grounds, but the real secret to prepare a perfect espresso in a coffee espresso lies in the finesse. The espresso machines need that coffee has a fine grind (no need to be coffee powder, but throwing fine …) and if possible natural roasting. The beans used (or recommended) coffee with some very nice espresso machines for $500 have a darker roasted coffee for example that should be used in a drip coffee maker or filter .

We have already explained in the previous section; everything comes from the operation of this type of coffee. The water is injected with such pressure on the coffee filter, if this is too coarse the water will simply pass through it, almost without soaking. Then the coffee you will more watered down what you want, with little taste. The same goes for the press: If the coffee is not good press, same thing can happen. And if you press too much, the water will run into a “wall” of coffee that can just pass through. Both factors combine to use an espresso coffee maker, so if you have a coffee with ground slightly thicker than desired, you can always make up a little over the odds pressing it. And the other way too.

So now you know: and invest in a good espresso coffee maker, make sure you choose a blend coffee fine enough, or grind yourself at home with a grinder right.Otherwise, you may get espressos normal, or poor quality, and not take advantage of all the qualities of your espresso coffee maker.

For all this,  not all grinders are suitable for use with espresso coffee . Or, rather, they are all suitable but not all offer enough results recommended. Before buying your coffee grinder, well sure that your finer grinding is suitable to prepare espressos. You can check for this our guides and look out especially in our analysis of electric coffee grinders .


What qualities should have a good espresso coffee maker?

Before buying a espresso coffee maker, you must look at several ways to avoid errors in your decision. More than qualify the express coffee as “good” or “bad”, we prefer to talk about whether a particular coffee fits or does not fit your needs as a consumer . We believe it is much smarter to guide your decisions in this way. So you can, before buying a coffee we recommend that you express yourself the following questions:

Do you have experience as a user, or at least some knowledge of barista? Or instead you prefer a simpler machine? Think a coffee superautomatic , although it is easier to handle, you have a lot of programmable options and configurations that raise its price and that might end up never use.

Like the freshly ground coffee? Or you will not appreciate this nuance? If you are in the second case, you need not invest your money in a pot with grinder.

Do you have little space in your kitchen, or you need to move the site coffee often?If yes, please note that the automatic machines are usually much bulkier and heavier than the manual .

Are you a fan of cappuccinos or lattes? Then you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy a coffee tube including professional (or vaporizer pannarello ).

You are looking for a coffee maker for life or a machine transition to get used to coffee and its preparation, before buying a top model? If you are in the first case, the coffee stainless steel tend to be much more durable and robust.


What types of espresso machines exist?

As we advance in this article, express coffee machines are mainly divided into two types:  espresso machines manual and automatic . The former allow better personalize the coffee and control a greater number of shades, while automatic are more comfortable, programmable, and ultimately more complete. Here we summarize the main differences between these two types of espresso coffee.

  • The  coffee preparation  is much more customizable in a manual to an automatic. Like everything handmade, manual coffee preparation is more demanding but also more enjoyable.
  • Price:  automatic coffee machines are more expensive than manual rule.They carry more technology, and especially more electronics inside.
  • Manageability is easier to prepare a coffee in an automatic espresso coffee maker. Pressing a button is sufficient: in a few seconds you go from a handful of unground coffee beans to a delicious freshly brewed espresso.
  • Preparation time : the espresso coffee machines are somewhat faster than manual.

Apart from this categorization, we can establish other groups express coffee according to the presence or not of different elements / accessories. For example, we can find espresso machines with grinder , spraying, express coffee stainless steel … in addition to the logical division of espresso machines by brand.


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