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Latest News

Field photos: a visual “telegram” of the world of the gauchos

Men with provocative eyes, calloused hands and elegant in their attire; Men who work from dawn, mounted on horseback and deploying different skills, according to the Argentine geography that they have been lucky enough to inhabit. The gauchos that the photographer Aldo Sessa presents in the exhibition that opens to the public tomorrow at the Kirchner Cultural Center speak of a timeless character who proudly displays both his craft and his accessories in the Pampas plain, the Patagonian steppe or the wetlands Litoraleños.

In short, Gauchos (the show) gathers 45 photographs in black and white, except two large color scenes, 2.70 mx 1.66 m. A debut for the experienced Sessa with images of similar measures. “Personally it is a success to be able to put myself at the level of the place where they are exhibited,” said the photographer to LA NACION, on a tour of the assembly in the CCK. He added: “I have not seen many museums or places of exhibitions in the world with rooms of the magnitude of those of this cultural center.”

The photographs are displayed on the two levels of the Great Lamp Room, on the sixth and seventh floors. They were taken between 1993 and last year in Alta Gracia (Córdoba), Rio Gallegos (Santa Cruz), Tapalqué and Luján (Buenos Aires), Jujuy, Corrientes, San Juan and other localities of the country. And he selected them among the 50,000 gauchesque photographs he has in his archives. “On the world of gauchos there is much to say. This is just a telegram.”

In addition to the still images, the show includes the continuous projection of two videos with the development of the “live” sequence that the photographer captured in some of the places where they were taken.

Sessa has been developing the gauchesco theme in its projects for more than 25 years. He’s a specialist. He knows and teaches that the man of the field develops skills according to his place: on the coast, for example, they are amphibians. They are doing a lot for the country and are anonymous people who are watching over the production and occupy spaces that generate wealth.It is very healthy people, Good, kind, educated. Showing them in the Federal Capital represents something very important because the city turns its back on the gaucho. ”

In several diptychs of Photo Visual (as in “Cabezadas”) there is a paradox in the contrast of the accessories: silver among the implements of Buenos Aires, where the port and commerce were, and leather in the north of the country. Route to Upper Peru, where the metal was abundant. “They are simplifications of a tradition that stays alive,” he said.

How many dog ​​breeds are there in the world?

It is not easy to know how many different breeds of dogs are in the world . The most official approach is the one given by the world canine Federation International Cynological Federation, which estimates that there are 343 different dog breeds on our planet. However, as it appears in the following lines, the scientists recognize that the number of dog races grows each year , and that could be greater. Even the world of illustration tries to know, through the work “Dogs of the World” , which has set out to draw and celebrate this diversity.

How many different dog breeds are there in the world? This question may not be as simple to answer as it sounds. The first difficulty arises when one traces the different national canine federations for a response and verifies that not all varieties of dogs are accepted as differentiated races in all associations.

However, when it comes to dog breeds , there is an international body recognized as a world reference institution in these gene issues: the International Cynological Federation . This entity states that there are a total of 343 Dog Breed Index on our planet and classifies them into ten groups .

  • Group 1. Shepherd dogs and cattle.
  • Group 2. Pinscher and schnauzer dogs. Molosoides (shepherds), mountain and Swiss cattle.
  • Group 3. Terriers.
  • Group 4. Teckels.
  • Group 5. Dogs type spitz and called primitive type.
  • Group 6. Hound dogs and trackers.
  • Group 7. Pointers and setters.
  • Group 8. Hunting dogs and water dogs.
  • Group 9. Company dogs and toys .
  • Group 10. Lebreles (like the greyhound).

In search of the dog breeds of the planet

So, the current number of officially recognized dog breeds is 343. However, only a year ago this figure was 339. “We can estimate the number of different breeds of dogs in the world, but we will always be accepting that Your real number is probably greater than we think, “warns researcher Stanley Coren of the University of Vancouver (Canada), one of the world’s greatest experts in dogs.

Science, however, is not the only one who has been interested in investigating the variety of dogs in the world .

Dogs of the World, in the brush

Renowned artist Lili Chin (illustrator of interesting dog defense projects, such as the yellow ribbon for dogs that need space ) tries to shed light on this doubt through her careful drawings.

Their project ” Dogs of the World ” is an approximation to the world of canine breeds from the illustration. “I started my series ‘Dogs of World’ while researching Asian dogs, including shiba, akita and chow chow . But once I finished this part of the world, I continued my research, and the project expanded to What today is ‘ Dogs of the World ‘, explains Chin.

This work continues to grow, and already has 200 illustrations of breeds of dogs classified in 21 regions of the planet. “This project wants to celebrate the visual diversity of the dogs of the world and, although I do not know if I can finish to illustrate all the races that exist, I have been in charge of contrasting the information of these drawings to be correct,” says the illustrator Canine, who shares his life with Boogie, a nice boston terrier adopted with a single blue eye.

These are some of the illustrations that reflect the work ” Dogs of the World “.

Alternatives to wedding photographer

No photographer for your wedding? Opt for the photobooth

This is THE most fashionable way currently to make the photos to immortalize the wedding day! Much less expensive than a professional wedding photographer , the photobooth also leaves the imagination more free. It is a scenery planted in nature most often. We take a picture with funny accessories like false mustaches, hats or parasols. This solution allows you to infinitely multiply decors and places to take pictures! In an industrial style for the most ingenious or more simply under a tree, bring a sofa a little original and a decor painted or made with posters glued. Then, have fun!

Instead of a wedding photographer, rent a photo booth!

You do not have a budget large enough to bring in a wedding photographer ? Or just want more originality? Rent a wedding photo booth sydney! It can be personalized in the colors of your wedding and you can rent it on time! Your guests will love to slip into the cabin to create fun and fun photomatons! And the must is that just 15 seconds later they will leave with the photo board! You can then shoot unlimited photos to keep a memory of the inventiveness of your guests. It is a beautiful truly trendy souvenir that will perfectly replace the wedding photographer .

Make a selfies contest to replace the wedding photographer

Selfies have taken place in our everyday life so why not run a self-help contest so that your guests can show their imagination! Simply put at the shelves or ask the guests to take a picture with their smartphone during the wine of honor. Then you get the photos you can watch at the end of the evening in order to award the best selfie! You can even reward it for a trophy you have made. You are assured of mad laughter. Again, it’s less expensive than a professional wedding photographer and you can imagine many original wedding photos !

Transform your guests into wedding photographers

No wedding photographer ? Place disposable cameras or if you have a little more ways, opt for polaroid. You will have photos imagined by your guests and as you can not be everywhere during the evening, you will be able to discover fun moments and cheerful frimousses to participate in your wedding! Well, the risk is also not to have a lot of good quality photos. This solution is only a complement to another way of putting your wedding picture.

Call on a friend to be your wedding photographer

If you know a passionate photo friend, you can very well suggest that you place yourself behind the camera and take photographs of the important moments of that day as a  wedding photographer . Inexpensive solution, but again your friend may not be there all day if he wants to take part in the party with you! To choose if you can not opt for a professional wedding photographer

Can custome design change the world?

It sounds ostentatious. Manolo Bañó refers to the epigraph with which they announce their presence, along with Curro Claret, in Factoría Rambleta. They will speak, nothing more and nothing less, of Designs that change the world. “Then I thought about it and I thought it was right.” Why? Well, according to this designer, a professor at the CEU-UCH University in Valencia and director of the Free Design Bank cooperation project , things that are done on a small scale certainly serve to change the world. In any case, “the professional attitude must be that”, he emphasizes.

Since 1998, he has developed this cooperative project to carry out hundreds of design work for groups of disadvantaged artisans in situations of extreme need in countries such as Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, India Nepal.”My contribution, along with others equally small, can transform the world.” A world that was mainly struck by “the problem of inequality”, which Batom fought by offering free cooperative design . In doing so, we “improve the lives of a few”.

It is a pity that the Valencian public administration has harmed this cooperative work. “Blasco and company have loaded the entire structure of cooperation, all supports.” That is why Bañó insists on the recovery of social values as a germ of design. “The crisis has done damage on the one hand, but it has also cleaned the design world of many nonsense.” In fact, Free Design Bank was born as a result of an ambitious project called Design for the real world by Victor Papanek.

“And what would the unreal world be?”

– “The unreal world is the one we live in the West, with so many useless objects and an economic bubble that almost eats us.”

Bañó explains that it is not a matter of changing the design, but of claiming its essence. “Design is linked to the objects that man uses, while those objects make life easier.” Volunteer students and outstanding Valencian designers participate each year in the solidarity projects that Bañó carries out under the umbrella of the CEU-Cardenal Herrera University of Valencia . Projects supported by NGOs specializing in the promotion of Fair Trade that allow, for example, 12 disabled women in Senegal to improve their standard of living by developing products that will later be marketed.

“We focus design on those who have forgotten the design, who are the disadvantaged.” This, in turn, provokes “a cure of humility because it puts us back in the design of survival”. Bath here is especially critical: “The DNA of objects is deteriorated, has perverted, is incestuous; Are part of an inbred design. Objects that do not rely on the three legs of the design defined by Bañó: functionality, aesthetics and emotionality.

– «How to recover those objects and the design itself to the real world?»

– “Trying to solve real and non-commercial or marketing needs; Not induced by the hyperconsumer society “.

In short, let the tcc designer “be honest”. Honesty that Manolo Bañó sees next to the economy of the common good that comes propaganda in Valencia Paco Álvarez, newly appointed General Director of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism of the Generalitat Valenciana. Economía that Bañó sums up like this: “Less personal benefits and more social”.

Awarded us as the best online fitness store worldwide

We are very proud to announce that the web of opinions Mefio.es & Fit Shop Pro review has given us the prize to the best e-commerce Fitness, The celebration of this First Edition of the Mefío España 2014 awards took place last November 28 in Barcelona, coinciding with Black Friday.

During 2014, thousands of independent users selected the best online stores by categories, such as fashion, flights, perfumery and cosmetics, restaurants, books, fitness, etc., among 900 e-commerces on the platform. Participants had to value criteria such as quality / price, ease / agility of the web and customer service. Therefore, we are very grateful to have been chosen as winners in our category.

Winners include stores like Zara , Asos , Fnac , Amazon , El Corte Inglés or eDreams , which makes us feel even more proud. And all thanks to you and your fidelity, users of the Mundo Fitness community, and customers of the online store. We are very grateful to you!

And for those who do not yet know Mefio.es , it is a platform based solely on the opinions of real consumers and, in just one year of life, has become a benchmark within the websites of e-commerce valuations from Spain. Therefore, the 20 prizes awarded would not have been possible without the high participation of users and the quality of their opinions. Now, all the winning stores, we can show this stamp of recognition in our stores.


One of the indispensable utensils in every kitchen is the frying pan . They are used for cooking, frying, sautéing, etc. We can practically do almost anything with them.
A frying pan consists of a metal bowl with normally low open edges (the edges may vary from very low as in the high-ripe sauté) and a handle that can be made of insulation plastic, of the same metal as the container or Of wood, to hold it. Most of them come coated with Teflon or another anti-stick , whichfacilitates the cooking or frying of foods, preventing them from sticking to the pan. Its is to have a pair of them, a small one of 20 to 25 cm in diameter and another large of 30 to 35 cm.


When we buy a pan, we usually do not take into account certain basic aspects that are very important when choosing the right frying pan for our kitchen. The size, the shape of the cooking surface, the cast iron handle cover, the material with which they are made, the thickness, the quality / price ratio according to the use that we are going to give, etc, are things in which we have to look at The time to evaluate the best option. As common sense prevails, for example, if we are going to use a lot in the kitchen the pan we should look at the mid / high range because we are looking for something that will last us, it is also logical to look for the size that suits To our needs, etc.


To begin with we have to be able to handle certain technical aspects that will be very helpful to us. These are: thermal conductivity , heat capacity and thermal diffusivity . They may look like abstract or difficult terms, but let’s not rip our garments yet. Below we will briefly explain each one of them and you will see that they are really very simple and easy to understand things and that we have all seen their effects in the kitchen. In addition, the importance of knowing this is that it will serve to distinguish and understand the function of each skillet according to material that is made and therefore choose and know how to use the best option.


When we cook what we do, basically, is to transmit energy from a source of heat to the food and, in addition, this is done by interposing some object (pan, frying pan …) that acts as a mediator, evenly distribute that energy and prevent the food from searing As would happen if we put it directly on a flame (think of the difficulty of preparing a soup over the fire without using any container). But not all materials will be suitable to give them this use. Because of their thermal qualities, metal utensils are generally used. But not all metals react in the same way when heat is applied to them and this is, among other things that we will explain later, because they have different thermal conductivity.

The thermal conductivity of a material is its ability to absorb and transmit (release) energy . When we put a pan on the fire or the glass-ceramic, the energy of that heat source is transmitted to the pan and increases its kinetic energy. It’s what we call ” warm up “. The heated material transmits the energy to nearby materials having a lower molecular energy level (which are at a lower temperature than the material). In other words, when we say that we heat a material, what actually happens is that there is an exchange of energy from the source of heat to the material that is colder, and this occurs (as we will see later) by vibrations of Its atoms, So that they start to vibrate more quickly by the contribution of energy and vibrate the surrounding atoms by expanding that energy. The more heat conductivity the material has, the faster it will heat up and the faster the heat will spread to unheated areas .

For example, stainless steel pans have poor conductivity, when we put them on the fire, the base is heated first, and then slowly the edges, so the center of the pan will be too hot when the edges have warmed. What has been done to avoid this is to make the bottom thicker , well, when it is hot, the top of the bottom of the pan will be further away from the heat source and the whole pan will heat more evenly.

What is desirable is that the pans heat up quickly , have no hotter points than others and react to the changes we make to regulate the heat we impart to food.


It is heated slowly , retains the heat extremely well and distributes it uniformly even at high temperatures. These properties make batteries made from cast iron a good choice for frying or grilling. Some manufacturers suggest avoiding acidic ingredients when cooking with these containers because they can react and decrease the taste and color of foods. Traditional uncoated iron pots often go from one generation to the next, demonstrating their durability. Before using them for the first time you have to ” curethem , which is to heat them several times covered with oil to make the surface become non-stick. Some brands make them with a non-stick coating. To avoid the rust, you must carefully dry them after washing them and spread a thin layer of oil on the inside .


Lastly, indicate that taking care of our frying pans correctly will make them longer. The first thing is to follow the advice and directions that the manufacturer recommends .

– Use soft sponges (never metal scourers) and non-abrasive soaps to clean them and use the dishwasher if the manufacturer so indicates.
Do not leave the pans to soak too long . Although they are stainless, they will deteriorate faster if we keep them immersed in water for a long time.
Do not pass the frying pans directly to the scrubbing water . Allow them to cool, the very sudden change of temperature favors the deterioration of the non-stick coating.
Dry them after washing them and store them in a cool, dry place . In this way we will extend the life of our skillet taking care of the materials with which it is manufactured.
– If you keep them in one place, one on top of the other, put a piece of cardboard between them , in this way you will avoid that by stacking and recovering they will hit and form marks or chips.
Use spatulas and spoons (or other utensils) of wood or heat-resistant plastic to cook with them, so as not to damage the non-stick surface.

Advanced Accounting. Study of the different alternatives

The accounting is configured as an essential tool to obtain an approximation of the financial and patrimonial situation of the company. On the other hand, knowing the accounting standards is a previous step to advance in other branches related to accounting such as the Analysis of Economic-Financial States, Accounting for Capital Instruments, Organization of Production and Costs for Decision Making, Including tax matters such as Corporate Tax. For these reasons, in this subject the main objective is to get the bookkeeper and student to have a total mastery of accounting standards.

Before enrolling the subject, check the possible requirements you may have within your plan. This information can be found in the “Curriculum” tab of the corresponding plan.

General competences

The learning objectives associated with the study of the Advanced Accounting Course are:

  • To deepen in the study of the Conceptual Framework with special reference to the Accounting Principles and Criteria of Valuation.
  • Accounting treatment of tangible and intangible fixed assets, real estate investments and non-current assets held for sale, with emphasis on amortization and impairment. Activation of financial expenses.
  • Analyze the leases in terms of their qualification as financial or operating.
  • Deepening in the norms that regulate Financial Assets and Liabilities. The convenience of the use of instruments such as factoring with recourse and without recourse will be analyzed.
  • Repercussion in the accounting of the Value Added Tax studying among other aspects the accounting treatment of the Rule of Prorate.
  • To study the impact on the accounting of corporate income tax, analyzing the main differences arising from the different treatment of certain transactions in the accounting and fiscal areas.
  • Brief analysis of grants and capital donations. Special cases in provisions
  • To deepen in the countable aspects of the operations in foreign currency.

The methodology adopted in this subject for the learning and evaluation of its contents, is adapted to the model of continuous and distance training of the UDIMA.

It is very important that the student has previous knowledge of Financial Accounting to be able to carry out the study of this subject. It is a matter eminently practical so that the student must simultaneously carry out the practical assumptions with the study of the theoretical notes that are included in the material delivered.

For the study of this subject that is the fundamental pillar of Accounting, it is advisable to carry out a permanent consultation of the first two parts of the General Accounting Plan: Conceptual Framework and Registration and Valuation Rules.

In addition, the students must carry out the continuous evaluation and learning activities planned in the “Schedule of Didactic Activities”, and defined in the “evaluation system”.

Dedication required

It is estimated that the realization of the practical assumptions combined with the reading and comprehension of the theoretical contents will take about 55 hours, while the performance of the Continuous Assessment Activities (ACS), the Learning Activities and the conduction of the Controls, will take About 20 hours.The performance of these tests will serve in turn for the preparation of the final exam face-to-face, since it will follow the same line as the one marked in the activities developed in the continuous evaluation.

Alternatives to remove stain and clean carpets

Although vacuum cleaners can remove most dry dirt, you also need to clean your carpet frequently to remove the oil that is being created in the background as a result of odors and land that has been brought from outside.


If you can clean your carpet before they ruin, it will be an easy task and much more successful. There is a completely false myth, which says that clean a carpet earlier than necessary will make getting dirty faster. The typical carpet of any house should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months depending on the number of people who are living and the amount of traffic you get the carpet.

The choice of the cleaner that will use is also very important. There are some vacuums that will leave residues, which in turn will promote it again to get dirty carpet and basically ruin the whole purpose of cleaning .

Professional carpet cleaners from this website.
will be in your best interest to use professional carpet cleaners simply because their experience will allow them to do a better job than you could do. The equipment they use has more extraction power than the units available to you, and carpet will dry much faster. They know what chemicals should be used, and know the difference between different carpets and fibers.

Doing it yourself
If you have decided to rent a steam cleaning, and knows that will do the job yourself, you should check the different systems before making a selection. Most units available for rent not cleaned well enough and can end up damaging your carpet . Therefore, you should always consider the following:

‘ Several rental companies offer cleaning equipment that are similar to those used by professionals. This team should have enough suction power to allow the carpet to dry after 12 hours of being cleaned. You should always avoid renting these units at discount stores or supermarkets, since they do not have the power to extract the cleaning solution from the carpet fast enough, and can damage the carpet due to accumulated moisture.
-Make Avoid wet the carpet . Any prolonged moisture can create mildew and bacteria in the carpet, or may separate the back. A wet carpet that stays that way for longer than 24 hours can cause problems. You can control this by using the proper equipment and training indicated.
-The Carpets that have treatments against stains can be cleaned with products formulated for this purpose, but they can also ruin the resistance of the carpet stain and thereby guarantee will be. Never use cleaners or solutions containing bleach stains because they can ruin the colors of the carpet.
Never use silicone – based carpet treatments.
-can Help reduce the drying process using several fans to move the air around the carpet. You can also use a dehumidifier that will address water out of the air.

Extractions hot water
system hot water extraction is highly recommended, and is considered one of the best methods to clean carpets .Also called steam cleaning, this process involves spraying a mixture of water and detergent into the fibers and recover the water and dirt with a powerful vacuum. You can use a mounted drive a truck or a portable self contained.This method is one of the best, and is ideal for stained carpets.

5 Good questions about espresso machines

Users espresso machines are  not always clear how your coffee works or how toget the most out. Often the coffee are products of gifts or come to our house without our prior obtained information on its operation, and despite daily use we still have doubts about its basics.

Do not panic: ComprarMiCafetera.com comes to the rescue. In this post we will solve 5 of the most common questions users about espresso coffee machines are made. We started:

How the coffee used express?

To learn how the espresso coffee machines are used, one must first understand its operation. The espresso coffee or espresso (which in Italian means made instantly) are characterized by preparing espresso coffees in a few seconds faster than the coffee Italian or of drip .

To use an espresso coffee maker, you must place the ground coffee into the filter and that brings built for it. After pouring it into the filter, you must press it in perspective. If too pressing, the coffee will come out too thick. If it is too loose, the coffee will come out a little watery. In addition, the ideal pressure for your coffee depend on the degree of grinding that this has. The filter, where the filter is, usually has a distinctive arm protruding from the coffee. Turning to the right or left can fit or tighten the filter in the coffeemaker. An espresso coffee maker takes just a few seconds to prepare espressos. When you’re done, you can use the vaporizer tube including many espresso machines to heat the milk and create a dense layer of foam on your coffee.


The espresso coffee machines  have no filter nor holder, so you can not control many aspects of the preparation as in the espresso coffee manual . In return, they often bring a built -in grinder that lets you enjoy freshly ground coffee, instead of having to use one ground beforehand. The  espresso coffee machines  are much easier to handle than the manual, since often enough to press a button to start the coffee pot and complete the whole process.

If you want to learn how to prepare a perfect espresso and know how the espresso coffee are used, you can start by reviewing this highly educational video. Bonka advertising has to end, but hey, we forgive him because the truth is that the video is closed and is helpful for those who are beginning in this world of espresso machines🙂

What coffee using the espresso machines?

The espresso machines used coffee grounds, but the real secret to prepare a perfect espresso in a coffee espresso lies in the finesse. The espresso machines need that coffee has a fine grind (no need to be coffee powder, but throwing fine …) and if possible natural roasting. The beans used (or recommended) coffee with some very nice espresso machines for $500 have a darker roasted coffee for example that should be used in a drip coffee maker or filter .

We have already explained in the previous section; everything comes from the operation of this type of coffee. The water is injected with such pressure on the coffee filter, if this is too coarse the water will simply pass through it, almost without soaking. Then the coffee you will more watered down what you want, with little taste. The same goes for the press: If the coffee is not good press, same thing can happen. And if you press too much, the water will run into a “wall” of coffee that can just pass through. Both factors combine to use an espresso coffee maker, so if you have a coffee with ground slightly thicker than desired, you can always make up a little over the odds pressing it. And the other way too.

So now you know: and invest in a good espresso coffee maker, make sure you choose a blend coffee fine enough, or grind yourself at home with a grinder right.Otherwise, you may get espressos normal, or poor quality, and not take advantage of all the qualities of your espresso coffee maker.

For all this,  not all grinders are suitable for use with espresso coffee . Or, rather, they are all suitable but not all offer enough results recommended. Before buying your coffee grinder, well sure that your finer grinding is suitable to prepare espressos. You can check for this our guides and look out especially in our analysis of electric coffee grinders .


What qualities should have a good espresso coffee maker?

Before buying a espresso coffee maker, you must look at several ways to avoid errors in your decision. More than qualify the express coffee as “good” or “bad”, we prefer to talk about whether a particular coffee fits or does not fit your needs as a consumer . We believe it is much smarter to guide your decisions in this way. So you can, before buying a coffee we recommend that you express yourself the following questions:

Do you have experience as a user, or at least some knowledge of barista? Or instead you prefer a simpler machine? Think a coffee superautomatic , although it is easier to handle, you have a lot of programmable options and configurations that raise its price and that might end up never use.

Like the freshly ground coffee? Or you will not appreciate this nuance? If you are in the second case, you need not invest your money in a pot with grinder.

Do you have little space in your kitchen, or you need to move the site coffee often?If yes, please note that the automatic machines are usually much bulkier and heavier than the manual .

Are you a fan of cappuccinos or lattes? Then you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy a coffee tube including professional (or vaporizer pannarello ).

You are looking for a coffee maker for life or a machine transition to get used to coffee and its preparation, before buying a top model? If you are in the first case, the coffee stainless steel tend to be much more durable and robust.


What types of espresso machines exist?

As we advance in this article, express coffee machines are mainly divided into two types:  espresso machines manual and automatic . The former allow better personalize the coffee and control a greater number of shades, while automatic are more comfortable, programmable, and ultimately more complete. Here we summarize the main differences between these two types of espresso coffee.

  • The  coffee preparation  is much more customizable in a manual to an automatic. Like everything handmade, manual coffee preparation is more demanding but also more enjoyable.
  • Price:  automatic coffee machines are more expensive than manual rule.They carry more technology, and especially more electronics inside.
  • Manageability is easier to prepare a coffee in an automatic espresso coffee maker. Pressing a button is sufficient: in a few seconds you go from a handful of unground coffee beans to a delicious freshly brewed espresso.
  • Preparation time : the espresso coffee machines are somewhat faster than manual.

Apart from this categorization, we can establish other groups express coffee according to the presence or not of different elements / accessories. For example, we can find espresso machines with grinder , spraying, express coffee stainless steel … in addition to the logical division of espresso machines by brand.

Ahimsa: yoga in food.

Ahimsa and food.

Fashion we are living in the West and that leads to the practice of yoga, meditation, pilates, tai chi and other arts of relaxation (due, most likely, the level of stress to which we subject our day to day), has been accompanied Sanskrit terms whose meaning transcends not always, but this time his seems to be gaining strength.

Although, as we said, ahimsa is the absence of damage, to hate, to do evil or kill any living being and in any direction, has claimed here greater relevance to food and protest the mistreatment inflicted the animals are used for food, leaving aside its inter – human aspect.

However, before proceeding with the food, we will refer briefly to avoid damaging it, hate or do evil (I delete kill and I understand that nobody here kills equal) to others; as we will talk about ahimsa , food and its benefits, it should also be stopped in ahimsa and our interpersonal relationships .

Practice ahimsa as a philosophy of life brings respect others in word and action, not generate hatred or negative feelings for each other despite their attitudes to desagradarnos, annoy , or worse, hurt us in some way.

Ahimsa means to be patient, let things flow, accept what life presents us as an insurmountable reality and, above all, actively respect others, to love, to be gentle and transmit good vibrations generated within us because of the practice of ahimsa (some Christian sounds this speech?).

We continue with ahimsa and food, although we will later refer to the vegetarian or vegan diet, ahimsa in food does not have to be necessarily not eat animals (ideal, but not the only). Ahimsa is try to give our body what it needs, which asks us and what we want, but always taking care that is being the body which we demand that nutrient and not our human, confused and imperfect mind.

We should note that the human body is a cuasiperfecta machine, if we learn to listen and decipher their language , we can come to understand what you are asking us when we ask, and to give fruit or bread when we ask for sugar, give lentils if we asks iron or give water when thirsty. In this regard we must consider two facts that prevent feeding as we should be:

  1. We do not speak the same language as our body. It is bad not understand correctly what happens to us, it is normal; we must consider that most of us are not doctors or nutritionists and may not know correlate symptoms with gaps (in fact, sometimes not know how to identify symptoms).
  2. Our brain does not always want to collaborate in this task. Sometimes anxiety, stress, nervousness or even happiness and joy, we generated mixed feelings we ended up identifying as follows: “What a frustration! I feel like a palm tree chocolate! “(How?). Since when frustration get hungry? Oh wait! That is not hungry! They want to be happy and you know that chocolate will put your brain to produce happiness (will produce the substance that actually generates happiness).

Our communication with our body is so poor that most of us know not identify what we include in our diet and what we get out of it, but hey here we go, willy – nilly we remain healthy and vigorous. Well.Ahimsa goes far beyond staying healthy, ahimsa looking for a spiritual welfare above all. Let’s continue.

Is it necessary to bring a vegetarian diet?

Yes and no. As we have seen, the monks who studied and spread this term (I’ll stop repeating the wordahimsa because I think I’ve written as 1,000 times) they stressed the need not to inflict injury or death to any living being and, therefore, be a vegetarian was something basic and essential: if you were very good, but you ate animals, your nonviolence would not work at all, the karma negative accumulate and end upsuffering the same corresponding misfortunes.

At that time it was allowed to eat dairy products, understand that the treatment was given to cows, goats and sheep was very different from that given today, so now that non-violence extends to veganism.Theoretically should not eat any animal products, because that animal, necessarily, has been to produce it.

However, as I stated at the beginning, there is evidence that in some cultures flesh was accepted as anoffering if the animal had not been killed for this offering … I personally sounds a little weird, for example, I’m a vegetarian, does anyone understand He says something like, “I made for my husband cooked Madrid, but as is already done, because I also like”? (Ein?) In other words, you promote nonviolence in order not to accumulate harmful karma, you’re talking about animal suffering we eat with their flesh and, immediately afterwards, you eat a leg of ham because they have not killed the pig for you? It sounds to me to corruption (I laugh alone philosophizing, what a comic!).

But we return to the other and not the principle of this point.

People who carry a vegetarian diet advocate that itself is basic when it comes to practice non – violence , because from a subtle and energetically understand that eating animal flesh causes in people turbulent emotions, it will, spite, jealousy and other passionate behavior due to energy transmission of fear, pain, fear and violence suffered by the animal in question (spiritual vegetarians believe that, not so spiritual simply do not want to benefit from the suffering of anyone, your fellow Earth nonfood and that’s it).

However, from the point of subtle and energetic view, we can find other ways to practice nonviolencewith ourselves and with regard to food, as can be to practice mindful eating, worry about our requirements, eat healthier, etc. .

That is, from my point of view staff , I can convey what I feel and what reasons lead me to my to be vegetarian, but under no circumstances could sentence that an omnivorous not can practice their ownnon – violence in their own way, and why do I say this? For a vegetarian smoking, practice non – violenceto animals, but does not practice nonviolence himself, ergo , vegetarianism is not the key.

And what is the key ahimsa in food?

The key is to respect ourselves and, based on that respect, all other decisions and attitudes we take will become less violent and more positive for us.

Here is a series of basic rules that must be considered for the practice of ahimsa and who have nothing to do with the vegan or vegetarian diet.

  • Be careful with yourself. Take care. Be kind and gentle at lunchtime, in the treatment of food, preparing food, and respect the time and space of the activity of eating.
  • Seek balance . Search always improve, but without obsessions; if the practice of nonviolence will mean doing violence to your peace of mind, not worth.
  • Give your body what it needs . It is very important to know our nourishments requirements and our needs as a person, not only to cover the necessary amount of macro and micronutrients, but to give us what emotional need: tea on a rainy afternoon, a beer with friends, a fruit juice , etc.
  • Not be restricted . Increase the restrictions we impose normally is very negative, if we understand that we must restrain ourselves in one or another aspect, the ideal is to work our desires and try to improve or change those tastes or desires. Never ban is the way.
  • No intoxication . Closely related to the next point, the fact of not intoxicate our body involves not overdo the quantity. If we want to drink alcohol, we should know at what time the body begins to suffer, for example. [The same applies to creams and makeup, but that’s another topic.]
  • Do not exceed or fall short . It means not eating more, but no less. Drinking plenty of water is very good, but if you exceed the recommended amount could have negative consequences on your body (what it is impossible to believe?).
  • Consciousness practices in food. This is to pay attention to food when we eat, try to enjoy it, be aware of its temperature, taste, smell, etc. No one does this and is a basic aspect to cope with diet and regimes.
  • Learn to recognize feelings of hunger and satiety . It is very, very important to learn to recognize what is hunger, what thirst, what is satiety, etc. If we confuse these calls will be giving flying blind .

Ahimsa in your day to day.

Well, here ahimsa and food , which can be understood as yoga in food . To finish this week’s article I refer to how to practice ahimsa very easily in our day to day, apart from implementing it in food.

How can we understand nonviolence as promoting spirituality within us, then I have compiled seven tips (extracted from Pinterest) to work our spirituality and inner well being:

  1. Ritual morning. It may be 10 or 15 minutes of yoga burn, a quick shower with plenty of hydration, a leisurely coffee reading a book, anything you can think of and that makes you feel good. This point brings up before, I know, but it’s very good to have some quiet in the morning, maybe we can take 10 minutes to project what we want for our day or what tasks we will, etc.
  2. Take care of your skin. Normally we do not give importance to this issue, but exfoliate and moisturize your skin regularly facilitates the exchange of energy between us and the environment around us. It is also important to have the habit of desmaquillarnos, let our free nail paint occasionally, use mild cosmetics and perfume not abuse.
  3. Consciousness to eat. We have said =).
  4. Eat good fats and sweets.  Fats have a serious stigma we speak, it is not bad eating fat, fat is good for the skin, hair, nails, heart, etc. Our bodies need fat. However, not just any kind of fat, eat more nuts, more avocado and olive oil. This all very rich and satiated much. [The same goes with sweets, opt for to provide nutritientes.]
  5. Enjoy the silence . This can be very complicated, but your spirituality grow rapidly if you managed every day or every so often a moment of relaxation in silence, without music, no TV, no people, etc.An encounter with ourselves always positive!
  6. I am grateful . No more. I am grateful to you, your family, with friends, with your work, with the means that you have, your refrigerator, your couch, your bed, your clothes, your books, with everything! Thanks very to life that you are who you are because you are a unique, unique and wonderful human being! (Applies to all my readers.)
  7. Corrects your posture . As already mentioned here, back pain worsen our quality of life and we must fight them . In addition a relaxed posture, relax; an upright posture, improves our self -esteem; correct working posture, improved our performance. Everything are advantages!

And finally! I hope you enjoyed this little lesson about the Sanskrit word ahimsa , its origin and meaning, its possible aspects, my personal opinion and tips to implement it easily into your everyday life , both in food ( you’re a vegetarian or not) as in other aspects of your life.

Best wishes for this beautiful (and rainy in Madrid) passing day and what a very happy weekend!

Choosing a kitchen faucet

The kitchen faucet is one of the most important elements that we must consider when we make a reform, because, by the sink faucets is one of the most used parts of the kitchen. To give you an idea: a kitchen faucet is opened at least 15 times a day. Therefore, we must be very careful in your choice.

There are enough types of kitchen faucets, to adapt fully to the needs and spaces each.

What we consider to choose a kitchen faucet?

Location placement

  • On the counter: it depends on where you have the water intake sink. Currently this is the most common type of tap.
  • On the wall: with this model you’ll gain more counter space, consider how far they are hydrants.Previously used a lot, but it is becoming obsolete.
This is a nice example of single lever faucet Three wall.11

The size sink

  • Sinks to flush small: is best to choose a kitchen faucet with low spout, this way we will win a lot more space and will never be a hindrance.
  • For large sinks: we recommend using removable taps, you can easily reach all corners of the sink.They are also very useful long pipe taps.

Type opening

  • Single – hole: they are taps with two openings, one for hot water and one for cold water. Although they can be a little more uncomfortable than the single lever there are beautiful models with a design magazine.
  • Monomando: you can regulate the water flow and temperature with a single command. Currently, this type of tap is the most common thanks to its good value. Such as the previous picture tap Three .

The type of pipe

  • High spout: with the largest water tube, as mentioned above, it is ideal for large sinks.
High spout faucet Tras11
  • Removable spout: very practical, will allow you to reach all corners of the sink.
  • Horizontal pipe: very useful if you have a window over the sink.
  • Cano swing: this type of tap is also very useful when there is a window above the sink or cabinet, as we told you in this post of the reform of A & J.
After folding tap11
  • I spout reversed: for taps installed on thewall and a window at the top. It is very comfortable because the window can be opened easily.

Another element to decide is if you want your tap you filter the water or not, if you decide on a faucet filter, you have very good options in Brita or Grohe without having to give up a design that fits your needs.

White also offers this alternative, with this brand, you will find a faucet with 2 outputs, in a’ll have running water and the other omotitzada water.

Filters water faucet Grohe11

And of course, we must also take into account the design and price to suit your tastes full and your pocket. We recommend that you take a look at  Trass ,  Three ,  Paffoni  or  White  You will find very good options!

Do not you decide on one? Any doubts about what I choose faucet? any doubt about what I tap used in interiors Renova we can help you do that.

Alternative Humidifiers for allergies

The relationship between allergies and moisture is not a linear or simple relationship; however, there may be some useful information on the safe levels of humidity and healthy use of the different types of humidifiers . As shown in the graph below, the level of more favorable humidity preventing allergies is in the immediate vicinity of 50% (usually indicated the range of 40-60% as security).


As can be seen, both fungi and mites thrive in an excessively humid environment, while allergic rhinitis is more likely in dry environments; hence, when looking for a humidifier, very convenient to choose one with humidistat built , able to regulate the level of humidity.

Moreover, the proper use of the different types of humidifiers is a determining factor of how they will affect our health. There are several types of humidifiers depending on the technology used, but among them, two are the most widespread: the humidifiers boiled water , the safest sanitary (boiled water ensures elimination of bacteria, fungi …) and also known as warm mist humidifiers , and humidifiers ultrasonic or cool mist humidifiers which spray water to guarantee a deeper hydration but do not prevent the spread of pathogens in the water tank. Because of this, the ultrasonic models Boneco air-o-swiss from ultrasonic humidifier U200 incorporate ISS technology silver ions to eliminate pathogens and from ultrasonic humidifier U7147 , a system of pre-boiled water (warm steam) for greater health. These technologies allow us to avoid the laborious maintenance in his absence, we should make for a healthy use of humidifiers ultrasounds: either clean the water tank every two days to disinfect or always use distilled water in such devices.

Finally, it should be noted that only the purifiers humidifiers from CPAP Machines are able to eliminate allergenic suspended particles, such as pollen.


Who are the chefs who run the best restaurants in the world? The Danish Noma repeated for the third consecutive year in first place, followed by the Spanish El Celler de Can Roca and Mugaritz, in the second and third place respectively, the DOM in the fourth Brazilian and Italian Osteria Franciscan fifth.

Last Monday was held in London the ceremony of proclamation of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, the top 50 restaurants in the world. The Danish Noma repeated for the third consecutive year in first place, followed by the Spanish El Celler de Can Roca and Mugaritz, in the second and third place respectively, the DOM in the fourth Brazilian and Italian Osteria Franciscan fifth.

But who are the best cooks who run these five great restaurants?

René Redzepi
Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark
11Born in Copenhagen in 1977, René Redzepi is the son of Albanian immigrant father and a Danish mother. Formed, among other great masters, with Ferran Adrià at elBulli, in addition to such prestigious establishments as The Freq. Laundry Thomas Keller or Le Jardin des Sens, the Pourcel brothers in 2003 opened his restaurant Noma (Not for Nordic and Ma for food) around Copenhagen.

A distinctive property with a gastronomic proposal based on the ingredients of your immediate surroundings, a local cuisine that explores the identity and flavor of fresh produce from Northern Europe, applying to working very refined culinary techniques.

In 2008, René Redzepi received the award in 2009 Madrid Fusion and Noma took third place in the prestigious list of the top 50 restaurants in the world. In 2010 it reached the number one spot, displacing Ferran Adrià, who had already announced the closure of elBulli after having held the title for five years, four of them consecutive.

no momThe ‘Bible’ of organic kitchen

In 2005, after two years of opening Noma, René Redzepi managed to drive ” The Manifesto for the New Nordic Kitchen ” (Manifesto for the New Nordic cuisine), a culinary code promoting the use of raw materials from the nearest environment, the interaction between chefs and farmers and sustainable cuisine, achieving wide acceptance not only among his closest colleagues in Denmark and the Nordic countries, but also among most young eco-chefs half the world who have come to regard as ” bible “of organic cuisine.

Maybe, say customers, is the quality and freshness of the raw materials used: March violets, wild garlic, seaweed from the coast, ground elder, sorrel, live Norway lobsters, meat semi-wild ox …

In a recent interview with the London newspaper The Guardian, Redzepi explained: “I have at my disposal a network of professional hunters who get me unique. For years dealing with a strange character, a guy with teeth in all directions looking for mushrooms from the 70 This man keeps up a notebook where he writes down the place of his findings and weather conditions in which nature produces its treasures . That book is his big secret, something like the recipe for Coca Cola “.

Joan Roca
El Celler de Can Roca, Girona, Spain
11Talking about Joan Roca is talk of working together and perfectly coordinated three brothers: the eldest, Joan, as a chef, Josep, in charge of the room as maitre-sommelier and Jordi, the youngest, who works as a chef cake shop.

Born into a family engaged for three generations to the restoration, which ran a simple and honest house traditional meal called Can Roca, the first memories of Joan is located in the old kitchen with his mother in front and a whole number of loyal customers who daily enjoyed their popular cuisine Catalan roots.

After attending culinary studies in Girona, Joan and his two brothers in 1986 he opened his own restaurant, right next to his parents, which they called El Celler de Can Roca. At first the restaurant was located in a narrow space, maladaptive, in which Joan could barely move in the kitchen and with a modest and simple decor. Finally, the place was remodeled to adapt to the evolution of the kitchen, which had made it back home line its origins to evolve into a much more current and sophisticated proposals.

11An indissoluble set

In today Celler, the three brothers form an indissoluble set in which each exerts its own area of expertise. This joint passion of the Roca brothers, along with their dedication and impeccable and well trained service has led to El Celler de Can Roca to get his third Michelin star last year 2010 and the election as the world’s second best restaurant for the second year consecutive.

Joan Roca maintains somehow tradition, but is trapped by it, but instead bases its success on special attention to balance, creating dishes containing sweet, salty and sour, all in harmony, without no fear of adopting the latest technology, such as using a vacuum for creating some of their signature dishes, chefmod software, such as the Iberian suckling pig.

But the pairing wines with your letter is a very important factor. Josep, as sommelier, has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of wines from around the world. Many of the dishes were created as a collaboration between the two brothers, where Josep took the most important notes of a wine and Joan worked to create a dish that complement.

Desserts, under the responsibility of Jordi, also have a modern touch and very daring, sometimes even using the deconstruction of a perfume as a base. Jordi manages to pick and highlight the floral notes of famous fragrances such as Carolina Herrera, then incorporate them into their creations.

Andoni Luis Aduriz
Mugaritz, Renteria, Spain
11This young Basque chef, recognized by major international media as “the most important on the world stage in recent times gastronomic phenomenon” was born in 1971 in San Sebastian.

His first encounter with the profession, as occupation of weekend and holiday, while studying hospitality was in a simple pizzeria. After completing their education, he began working with the great chefs, including Ramon Roteta, Hilario Arbelaitz, Jean Louis Neichel, Juan Mari Arzak, Fermín Arranbide and Pedro Subijana.

Between 1993 and 1994 part of the team of El Bulli, Ferran Adrià with the head, it is clear disciple. In 1996 he takes charge of the kitchen of Martin Berasategui, until in 1998 decided to ride solo its own restaurant Mugaritz, located in the ancient hamlet of Otzazulueta, in the depths of the Basque Country, precisely on the dividing line between Errenteria and Astigarraga, in the province of Guipuzcoa.

Recognized by the best world press, Andoni Luis Aduriz figure frequently in the pages of prestigious magazines, which devote large articles with definitions such as “whiz kid” made by the critic of The New York Times, Frank Bruni, or granted by the French gastronomic magazine “Omnivore” describing him as “one of the 15 best stories of the new kitchen that have occurred in recent years.”

11A brilliant career

The truth is that since the opening of Mugaritz, Andoni Luis Aduriz has been highlighted with the National Gastronomy Prize and the Euskadi Gastronomy Award, besides having two Michelin stars and have led to his restaurant to the current third place in the list of The best restaurants of the world.

As for its culinary offerings, Andoni Luis Aduriz is a chef renowned for its excellent technical ability, while it has developed a fresh and imaginative cuisine which incorporates a number of elements of nature, such as flowers and plants, creations that respond to a philosophy based on the constant search for perfection in each of their dishes.

Alex Atala
DOM Sao Paolo, Brazil
Contrary to what we are used in most of the great chefs, Alex Atala began in the kitchen by accident. This Brazilian born in 1968 in the neighborhood of Mooca in São Paulo, parent of Palestinian origin, left the family home at 14 to move to the big city of São Paulo, working as a DJ in a nightclub known fashion.

At 18 he decided to travel aimlessly to Europe, finally saturating in Brussels (Belgium), where he worked for a time in construction, as a painter of large areas. In order to prevent your residence permit will expire in that country, Atala enrolled at the Namur Hotel School, where he first made contact with the world of cooking and gastronomy.

Once obtained the title, had the opportunity to work in various restaurants in Belgium, France and Italy among them the restaurant chef Jean Pierre Bruneau, a three-star Michelin-where was shaping their newly obtained culinary knowledge, and learn to speak English, French and Italian.

In 1994 returns to Sao Paulo, where he worked in three different restaurants: Pasta Sushi, Filomena and Restaurant 72. With his brilliant talent, Alex begins to draw the attention of customers and especially from critics, earning the title “Chef revelation “Abred granted by the Brazilian Association of Restaurants.

In late 1999, Atala opened his own restaurant, DOM, in Sao Paulo and in recent years both the restaurant and the chef have earned countless awards, up to lie in fourth place of the best restaurants in the world.

In a country like Brazil, with huge and original food resources but which nevertheless has a little culinary tradition, the merit of this small restaurant with just 15 tables and self Alex Atala, it is quite remarkable.

Recovery of native ingredients

Atala has always shown great concern about the use of own ingredients from Brazil that have historically influenced the culture and food of their country. The result is an elegant proposal, with a style of cooking that combines a surprisingly unfamiliar ingredients and products of the Amazon with modern international techniques.

In this sense, Alex Atala has indeed become an active promoter of sustainability of indigenous communities, which supports by purchasing products so that these unique local ingredients to regenerate thus avoiding extinction.

But he also believes strongly in the use of new culinary techniques, including chemical, to reach proposals that mere classic and good products did not allow traditionally reach a cook.

Massimo Bottura
Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy
At 48, Massimo Bottura is a bold and sensitive chef who has managed splendidly combine tradition and innovation. As in other current restoration projects, several assistants very high level experience daily with flavors and textures in an environment that looks more like a physico-chemical a laboratory that proper kitchen.

Bottura is the creator, owner and chef of Osteria Francescana, a place that opened its doors for the first time 20 years ago in an old inn for pilgrims attached to a Franciscan convent in the city of Modena, capital of a region internationally recognized for production of the famous balsamic vinegar.

During this time, in which the restaurant has climbed to fifth in the world rankings, plus get two Michelin stars, the Osteria has been occupying gradually, several adjacent buildings and adding to its walls some of the best pieces of contemporary art in the world, a topic that Massimo passionate expert and collector is declared.

Born in Modena in 1962 into a family of wealthy owners of oil wells, he is interested very young for gastronomy. In 1986 he buys an old tavern in Campazzo, near Nonantola, where he learns to know the mysteries of the cuisine of the region, the so-called kitchen “Emilian”.

In 1992 he makes the legendary Alain Ducasse invited to spend a few months in its historic restaurant Le Louis XV in Monaco, where you familiarize yourself with the rules of the new kitchen. In 2000 and after a visit to the Osteria Francescana, Ferran Adrià invites you to spend a few months in elBulli, where contact with molecular cuisine.

“When cooking I like to think I make art”

Bottura culinary approach is to get its innovative dishes a perfect union between textures, temperatures and flavors, an activity with which Massimo recognizes fully enjoy because as said “cooking I like to think I make art.”

Among its specialties are dishes that invite you to discover a range of flavors, such as ravioli stuffed with cotechino, lentils with bean sauce or the classic Caesar salad prepared with balsamic vinegar, dishes prepared with a touch of color and a texture that They make, in addition to the palate, irresistible sight.

The so-called cyber violence. Internet and social networks

In recent years, virtual social networks have transformed the way men and women relate and interact with each other. The new technologies of information and communication technologies (ICTs) are spaces where an exhibition of personal life, involving new forms of violence and control over women and new forms of emotional and sexual relations is performed.

Judicial reality evidence the increase in complaints filed by women victims of gender violence, which along with acts of physical and psychological violence, behaviors aimed are warned to control their personal relationships through ICT, in two main ways .

  • As part of the tools and communication systems used by perpetrators to carry out acts of gender violence both online and offline.
  • To threaten, harass, harass women who use technologies, stealing your private data, building up false identities, hacking their passwords, accounts or accounts or web sites, monitor their online activities, etc.

These criminal behavior, are often invisible in their own complaints, even in judicial interrogation, leading to the accused not declare for them as defendants, being outside the indictment and therefore without trial.

The / teens are heavy users of these virtual communications. It is therefore not an exaggeration to say that youth feel, communicate and live their relations in the social network and therefore at a stage where they are building their own distinct identity and where construction on gender identity has fundamental role.

ICTs have changed the way young people live their relationships, making it open.Allowing them to always know where they are, what they are doing and who they are talking to their partners, etc. These manifestations may be the prelude to a violent relationship or a relationship domain.

Therefore, in many occasions, it is passed from one controller to the execution behavior of virtual violence. As the couple maintained, with public humiliation (publication of photos demeaning, or attempting comments ridiculing); threats, if the girl wants to break the relationship, “if you dare to leave me, you see posted on facebook photos that you and I know”, or cyberbullying (constant referral messages).

These criminal behaviors are not warned by the young, who deny, downplaying the seriousness of the behavior of their partners and justifying it in romantic love. This response from them has led to the normalization of these behaviors of control and jealousy, based on the habitual, do all the boys are as í”.

The influence of these ideals and messages transmitted through audiovisual techniques, reproduce traditional gender stereotypes, sexist positions and even the use of women as sex objects.

Romantic love to which we referred, plays the same myths and beliefs about finding the better half, the crush and the happy ending, and it is not easy for most young people understand other models of love.

Generations change the way we communicate, but the bottom substrate remains the same and therefore express the reality of a society that imposes different places for women and for men.

We must learn key concepts such as:

– Intimacy: intimate spiritual and reserved area of a person or group, especially a family.

– DATA PROTECTION: right to decide on one’s personal information.

– CYBERBULLYING or cyberbullying: psychological aggression, sustained and repeated over time, perpetrated by the subjects of art. 1.1 LO 1/2004, against their partner or ex-partner, using new technologies across platforms or virtual systems such as email, messaging systems, whatsapps, social networks, blogs or forums …

– SEXTING: sending text messages via SMS, MMS or similar images taken by the aggressor or recorded by the protagonist of them of a sexual nature from mobile communication devices, in order to damage the honor and image of women and that can even be used to promote blackmail the victim then called sextorsi ng , in order to exercise control and domination under threat.

– STALKING STALKING or: form of harassment through ICT consisting of continuous and intrusive persecution of a subject which is intended to restore personal contact against their will.

– GROOMING: (grooming) set of deliberate actions as a matter of deliberate deception by an adult in order to establish bonds of friendship / relationship and trust with a child on the Internet, with the aim of obtaining sexual satisfaction particularly through erotic or pornographic images of minors.

While this is the criminal response, the last resort, companies should prevent the reported attitudes like, which can only come from the hand of an equal education since childhood. Get a copy with Crescendo PDF.

The 10 most violent movies of 2012

It will be because we have many years in this vice, or because neither Revenge: Istanbul connection or Mercenaries 2 have managed to satisfy our hunger for hemoglobin. The fact is that, deprived of the hammer blows of Ryan Gosling in Drive, the butchery machinery Puzzle (Saw 3D) and rocanrol of Jose Coronado in No peace for the wicked , we thought we produce our report on the most violent movies to watch in 2012 was going to be difficult. Big mistake: as comprobaréis then the undercard of this year now ending has overflowed with carnage and slaughter, including traditional and shot at close range and brutality of survival along with other Eastern crude tortures that make pupa. Eye: selecting these films have not responded to its international launch dates, but those of their respective premieres in Spain.

The Yellow Sea 


Why has impacted us? A fan of Asian cinema reader pointed us in our list for 2011, we would do well putting cover when this atrocity of Na Hong-jin came to our country. For starters, The Yellow Sea plunges us to the neck in the reality of a marginalized community (the residents in northern China Koreans), then making us feel the consequences of this state of things at once, never better, of riotous violence. If the wanderings of the protagonist, one ludópata cabbie got to hitman, or mobsters who persecute you, do not stir the stomach, decent work chamber mixer will.



Why it has impacted us? They say that this film Pete Travis has raised much less than expected, and that its projected sequels have all the numbers never appear. A pity, because the film has not only managed to do justice to a legendary comic , but also make us forget (if possible) the lousy film starring Stallone. As sparing in words and rich in shots as its protagonist Karl Urban, Dredd presents plus the best use of 3D to making us feel the violence. Never before has the phrase “in your face” had much sense.

White Hell


Why has impacted us? Because it is Liam Neeson. And not only that: is Liam Neeson against a pack of gray wolves. You may, as noted earlier in this report, Revenge: Connecting Istanbul has left us cold, but the cold landscape presented by Joe Carnahan (often change, moving from Team a to this) he worked the paradoxical miracle of warm up veins with a story of survival and nibbles. “again, the fray / the last good fight in which I will fight / live and die on this day / live and die on this day … “ : if this poem made you the willies, you’ve seen the movie.

[REC] 3: Genesis


Why he has impacted us? Decidedly oriented satire and joke, satire zombie-owned and video cameras test us once again that the Spanish filmmakers, violence that best given is the daily and customs, as broncazo ladder of neighbors … or drunken relatives who assembled at a wedding. Although the lockers have been ported regularly with the film Paco Plaza, the director can rest easy: the picture of a  Leticia Dolera white, radiant and annihilating undead with us to the grave, and how theycombine romance and gore .

We have to talk about Kevin


Why has impacted us? In light of recent events, the story of this film (based on a novel by the author Lionel Shriver) seems even more painful, cruel … And unfortunately, more real. And we refer not only to juvenile psychopathy Ezra Miller,but also to the work of harassment and demolition with which an outraged community crushes poor Tilda Swinton, the mother of the little monster. When The advantages of being an outcast we present to Miller in a much more sympathetic role, will we be able to forget the fear that gives us here?

Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai


Why it has impacted us? It is clear that Takashi Miike is credited to our list of most violent films. If, last year, 13 murderers won a place in it based flood us with gallons of blood, this remake of the classic Masaki Kobayashi takes its place the 2012 edition much more subtle, but equally merits of sobrados. And we do not mean only one end of firecrackers, but also forced to crack some unfortunate guts warrior  with a bamboo sword. Does it hurt just reading it? For when you see the film, you have to run the Alka Seltzer.



Why has impacted us? If he who comes up : put to steal a valuable painting, the protagonist of this Norwegian film has to look at who belongs to a hardened mercenary in Iraq. And not only that, but that mercenary is Nicolaj Coster-Waldau, ie the Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones. Anything less brutal than other films of our report, Headhunters earns its place here for his way of showing two truths: not all intrigue films from the Nordic countries have to go in the wake of Millennium, or the influence of Quentin Tarantino must involve lack of imagination.

The Man with the Iron Fists


Why he has impacted us? “Embarrassment for the nigger to swindle another nigger”. Not what we say, they say the Wu-Tang Clan (the group director RZA)  in hip-hop great song that serves as a prologue to this film. And we can say that in its debut, the filmmaker has not cheated us. With a little help from friends Tarantino and Eli Roth, The Man with the Iron Fists is a tribute of the most enjoyable next most kaffir martial arts film, including amputations, decapitations, ropey sex and Russell Crowesplitting in two to one fat man with scissors. That do not miss anythin!

In the Land of Blood and Honey


Why it has impacted us? Clearly, ambientándose in the Balkan war, this film directed by Angelina Jolie would not be a festival of humor. But we can assure that, although his future behind the camera can be iffy, Mrs. Pitt was he willing to break all the records of the roll bad. And almost getting it, based on massacres of civilians, of characters (male) chauvinist and chauvinistic to the limit and, above all, a lot ofsexual violence. How Brad would stay after seeing the film?

Kill them softly


Why has impacted us probably after experiencing the adventures of his wife in Bosnia, Brad Pitt stood as stayed: eager to return to his old acquaintance Andrew Dominik (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford ) , get a murderer in the pay of the Mafia and bust heads wholesale accompanied by two experts on the subject as Ray Liotta (Goodfellas) and James Gandolfini, the unique and original Tony Soprano. what comes to be a movie gangster and send the fees, come on .



Why he has impacted us? As in our delivery 2011, booked the last place on our list for a film that instead of livers wholesale, reserve their energy for other more subtle forms of violence: emotional. And in hard comptición with Shame and Martha Marcy May Marlene, the film takes the cake in point is the work of Yorgos Lanthimos . From the director of the tremebunda Canino expected anything but the slide degradation and madness he reserved the star of this film (Aggeliki Papoulia) is, bluntly, chilling.

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Photo: Manuel Lino / Montevideo Portal (File)

President Tabare Vazquez took the act by Women’s Day to warn that “today the main enemy of women is the consumption of snuff.” According to Vazquez, more women die from lung cancer than by “traffic accidents or domestic violence.”

The president Tabare Vazquez said Monday that the consumption of snuff pipes for sale “kills more women than alcohol, traffic accidents or domestic violence”, ensuring that the number of cases of lung cancer in women is growing every year.

Vazquez participated Monday in a conference commemorating International Women’s Day, in which the Social Development Minister Marina Arismendi, the director of the National Institute for Women Mariella Mazzotti and Vice President Raul Sendic participated.

When the conference ended, Vazquez took the floor to “resume” its commitment to “work tirelessly not only personally but especially from the institutional to the defense, the establishment and deepening of the rights of women.”

Then he used his medical profession to “put a warning” on the health of Uruguayan women. “Today the main enemy of women is the consumption of snuff,” he said, noting that “it is not an obsession” of his party against the substance.

“In Uruguay before the sixties of the last century no lung cancer in women is known,” he said, to oppose that “today after breast cancer and colon cancer.”Vazquez said lung cancer “is in third place and mortality has been growing really alarming.”

In this regard, he considered that “must be dying a woman per day for lung cancer from smoking in Uruguay” and considered that “neither AIDS or tuberculosis, or domestic violence, alcohol, drugs and traffic accidents; nor all that added kills kills as snuff consumption “.

Vazquez regretted that an increase in this type of cancer in women, just as “begins to decrease the exponential growth of the death of men by consumption of snuff” register.

“It would not be surprising that if we do not change this habit, when this century to average mortality of lung cancer in women is greater than breast cancer,” warned the president.

“The woman is changing their biological destiny. It does not have any women die from lung cancer, just quit,” he said.

Marketing injected sports violence

After the verdict of the board of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League regarding the suspension of the manager of the Eagles of Zulia, Eduardo Perez, the product of a vicarious respect to the rules within a sports field, expert SEO services consulted the opinion of a specialist in human behavior. This, on the premise that sport instead of separating, unites and recreates society.

Interviewed about it, the psychologist Richard Chang explained why these phenomena.

-The widespread violence is shifting to the sport?

Maybe there are sports like football or rugby where there are many physical contacts; these are elements more than the practice of this sport. Now, baseball is a sport less contact unless a ball is present, but even there is violence of words when compared to other sports. Baseball is common in discussion with the referee if the game is compromised or a final. The same audience adds an element of much stronger pressure. The player does what he tells the viewer.

‘But for that kind of scenario you would not have to be psychologically prepared, in order not to fall into this error rate, taking into account that this does not benefit the sport and the show in general?

-A Athletes is educating them mentally to perform well within the realm nothing else. It’s not like it happens in most cases karate, where children are taught a method of defense but at the same time they are prohibited from use on the street.

‘In these types of sports should educate children so that when they are suitable for professional set an example in society?

Of course, the problem is that the marketing of these sports the same media have become a spectacle.

-The issue of media does not play with the curiosity of human beings?

But is that the media are based, let alone on instinct, but in mental impositions of human beings to sell you a product associated with something attractive.

Then it is positive that the Law on Social Responsibility on Radio and Television prohibiting transmission of these acts of violence?

It’s hard to make the event where making this type of discussion does not covered. It should encourage other sport without violent content as traditional Venezuelan games.


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